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EasyJet Airline Company Complaints & Reviews

Easy Jet / hand carry luggage charges when boarding

Assilem on Aug 1, 2017
On July 21, 2017 at Standstead airport to Edinburgh, the flight was delayed everyone's in hurry. As we were boarding. I was asked to check the size of my bag at the gate. To my surprised I've flown with easyjet uses the same bag. They asked me to pay for my luggage. Staff were not nice...

EasyJet Airline Company / money taken from my bank account - case 102210791

Tikka on Jun 9, 2017
Ref: booking reference ESBSWMM [[ Case ID: 102210791 ]] [[ Reference ID: 117778115 ]] I reported that on 31/05/2017 the sum of £784.07 was WRONGLY deducted from my bank account. It does not relate to any booking of mine. This sum has not been reimbursed to date. On the same date the sum of...

EasyJet Airline Company / refused a seat

GerardJ on Apr 19, 2017
Hello Some may be aware that unlike most UK airports Belfast International Airport security is extraordinarily slow. Maybe this is a hangover of the 'Troubles'. Unlike other UK airports Belfast does not do the usual self assesses performance screen informing passengers of the...

EasyJet / Baggage charges when boarding.

TimPritchard on Mar 20, 2017
Date: 18th February 2017 Location: Gatwick North Terminal As we were boarding, I was asked to check the size of my carry on bag at the gate. I often expect this as it's on the cusp. However, I've flown with EasyJet (and other airlines) many times and every time it's fitted into the bag...

EasyJet / Car hire booked through easyjet with europcar

Leslie Garner on Feb 27, 2017
Booking reference: ERH3HBL Firstly, I have phoned you twice today and have been cut off both times, the first time after 5 minutes and the second time after 19 minutes - I was phoning from Cyprus (0035725211634 at about 13.25 UK time) to register a complaint about a hire car booked through...

EasyJet / Flight canceled but not reimbursed

jamila hichaux on Feb 21, 2017
Brussels intl to bordeaux Departure : 03-02-2017 14:40 Flight ezy4110 Passengers: 1) jamila hichaux – 2) sebastien weckering – 3) gabriel weckering Dear veerendra, Thank you for your reply here below, and for your reference to the eu legislation. Oh, so we are not entitled to be reimbursed...

EasyJet / Baggage

t12vxr on Feb 15, 2017
This is the third time ive had to write this email, wrote everything out then got email back to say email address not used anymore. My partner and I travelled from liverpool to belfat 13/02 / 2017 flight number ezy609 booking ref;erkdntz. As we approached the boarding gate one of your...

EasyJet / Reimbursement for cancelled flight not received

tlrussell on Feb 14, 2017
We are still waiting for our claims with case reference nos.: 101933199 and 101971620 and a pending appeal with Reference ID: 115478703 for a total of €897.68 It has been 60 days since our cancelled flight (EZY2084 Fri 16 Dec 2017) and we have filed for our claims, and still, the fund...

EasyJet / Disgust to the charge

Thereza on Jan 18, 2017
Dear Sir / Madam, I sent twice the letter bellow to EasyJet through their website the first one was in October and the second December. No reply whatsoever from the Airline. Kind Regards Dear Sir/Madam, Booking reference ER35HZH & I am writing to you in disgust to the treatment...

EasyJet / Easyjet declined boarding for single mother with son

Mother with son on Dec 27, 2016
For a flight from salzburg to hamburg together with my two year old son I booked easyjet. Both me an my son are german nationals. Easyjet claims they require a passport for my son to let him board the salzburg - hamburg (Eu, schengen) flight. Insurance cards and/or birth certificate were...

Easy Jet / Flight name

Rochelle Wood on Sep 11, 2016
I booked a flight with Easy jet, price was very good. Only to find that after I confirmed the ticket my last name was incorrect. It had changed my last name to the last name of a friend travelling with me. There is no way I entered it like this so I feel like this is a scam. I have now...

EasyJet / Flights cancelled

Jimbooja on Aug 21, 2016
My wife and I, with our children aged four and six years, were booked to travel on the above flight. We arrived at the airport in good time. Waiting for the flight in the departure hall, there were two notifications that the flight would be delayed, first until 00:40 on 23/7/16 and then until...

EasyJet / Cancellation of flights & refusal to pay vouched expenses

Raymond Acheson on Aug 5, 2016
I had flights (4 number) cancelled by EasyJet on the evening of the 12th June when we were waiting to board our flight home from Gatwick airport. After over 5 hours in the airport I finally got to talk to one of the two Easy jet people. They had no flights available to Belfast but told me...

EasyJet / Luggage

Sally Trueblue Lethbridge on Jul 29, 2016
I paid £35. Today for a luggage bag to be added to my flight, unfortunately I added it to my edinburgh f! Ight of 3 days and not to my croatian flight of 1 week... Unbelievably they won't let me swap or give me a refund for this accidental mistake!!! Advice please... Bloody rip off

EasyJet / Staff

thomasandersen on Jul 29, 2016
Took flight from Brussels to Berlin on July 19, 2016. The person at gate was horrible, misbehaved, issued threats. When we asked to call the police - she did not. I had less bags than the seats I had booked and yet the person asked for 120 Euros. Finally I had to pay 60 Euros to get past...

EasyJet / Special assistance

Jonesey55 on Jul 27, 2016
I recently returned on an Easy jet flight on Wednesday the 6th of July, flight number EZY6212, booked in the name of Mr Dowle. I made a point of asking my tour operator to note I was special Assistance, and in a wheel chair. I even checked this had been done when I printed off the paper...

EasyJet / Missing luggage

Helen birchall on Jun 25, 2016
My daughter flew to paphos last SUNDAY and still has no luggage. It was reported in paphos. Gatwick have the case, or they did, they've lost it again.after four days of phone calls I have just been told that it may or may not be in paphos. They don't know! What a bloody nightmare and now...

EasyJet / Changing a flight

Reviewer61009 on Mar 2, 2016
Easyjet is a bloody joke! I phoned on monday 22nd to change a flight, was misinformed by an advisor so the manager said she would listen to the call and phone me back in 2 hours - no phone call, I phoned on tuesday 23rd and was advised I had got through to the india call centre and I needed...

EasyJet / 24 hour cancellation policy

Laurence17 on Jan 5, 2016
I made changes to my flights 15 days after my original booking and over four months before travelling. When confirming those changes I realised that I was going to be charged full price for my new booking as well as my original booking. I called Easyjet and their agent confirmed that I wa...

EasyJet / damagge luggage (buggy)

Carlos Cebrian on Dec 9, 2015
The issue started last 9th of September in Bristol Airport when I was returning from Madrid in one of the latest flights of the day that was delayed, so I got Bristol almost at 02:00am. When I was going to get my baby's buggy from the conveyor belt I realised that the handled was ripped...

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