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easyjet damaged baggage

I was recently travelling through Europe and using easyjet to travel between country's...
On my flight from London to Amterdam, easyjet managed to break both of my suitcases. One of them had the side handle ripped off (brand new suitcase, 16.6kg weight) and had the locked riopped off...The other suitcase has the nibs fropm the zippers ripped off completely, so I had a suitcase with no zippers and a gaping hole...
I made a formal complaint right there and then and emailed easyjet the day after.I recieved an email back a few days later telling that someone from baggae would be in touch with in 7 days...
I had to purchase a new suitcase to replace the one with no zips cost me 40 euros.
Then 2 weeks later on a flight from Prague to London the suitcase I just bought had the top handle ripped off and the side strap ???????
WTF ?????
Seriously easyjet what are you doing?????
I made another complaint and got an automated reply telling me someone will contact me within 7 days./
it has been 3 weeks and not a word from easyjey.
They have ruined 3 suitcases $409 in value.
I am now taking them to small claims to get my money back.I will never fly with them again.

mssing payment of compensation

Easy Jet cancelled the flight EZY2798 from Bruxelles Intl. to Milan Malpensa 05.Juli 2010.

The reason being that they where delayed into Milan so there where no pilots allowed to fly anymore !

Typical problem for them where they have such delays because they work with the limited amount of pilots etc. and will not pay for their accomodation outside their home airport. How else can they be cheap, they run a but company!

Naturally they wait to tell till just before scheduled take off, though they know the problem at least 2 hours before!

The EU regulation then make them have to give you a new flight ASAP and if they can not they have to pay a flight with another company, but when they wait there is no earlier flight then there own next morning!
One has to go online and re-book on via internet, not always so easy when out of office, but I managed!

Further they have then to pay hotel and dinner, plus they have to pay a 250€ compensation, but they have no official way to claim such compensation in ther complaint system! Going in claiming refund made them wake up and demand that I proved my reservation was not for the next day from the beginning! They had officially changed my booking to be from the next day from the beginning!!!

Fortunately I had my original ticket probing my flight was on the 5. of July and after they had this send to them they admitted and finally promissed to send the refund July 16.
But now in October the money has still not arrived!!!

So they lie and cheat and could not care less what the EU regulation tells, they know very well that to go via court costs more than the 250€ !!

  • Do
    Donnie Vashir Oct 04, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    If they have no pilots it would be wise not to fly them.

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denied boarding

Booking Ref :-EGZT536 Dear Sir/ Madam, I am writing to You regarding my flight on 06/09/2010 to LGW...

London Airlines

cancellations and missed flights

Without Prejudice. I missed my easyJet flight due to a traffic jam at Luton Airport and the feeding needs of my 4 month old daughter. We approached the desk in Luton where a less than impressed man was giving limited information, perfecting the art of not looking at the customer when either he or the customer spoke and not offering anything outside of the direct answers (almost yes or no) to the questions he was asked. Then on calling the help line I was informed that I could deal with this issue and any refunds outside of the Airport. We left to avoid more of the excessive parking fees charged by Luton and for the benefit of my daughter. After another traffic jam, I called from home and, as was expected by the service I had come to rely on from easyJet I was charged 10p per minute for calls in which I was put on hold by staff to find out answers to questions they should know. I called 6 times and EACH time was told information that was then contradicted by the information given on the next call. One lady went so far as to blame the fact that the call centre in Ireland answered. Even associated call centres - the call centre answering for Ramada Glasgow Airport booking - were equally incapable and blamed another entity or gave another phone number. After 5 transfers on one call I was told to call easyJet again, even though easyJet had advised me to call the hotel. They told me they can't help and that "it is in the Terms and conditions"(even though I didn’t see it when I read through – not their problem I know…) that “I should have done this in the Airport” and when I said this is unbelievable and no wonder they made a television program about easyJet the gentleman on the other end, representing easyJet laughed! I understand the issue of lateness due to the Airport traffic and having a 4 month old that requires feeding regardless of easyJet’s policies is of little or no interest to easyJet or the airport However, I would have thought easyJet would have been greedier and had a flight following the one they could most expect people to miss (the early bird) with an expensive alternative. Furthermore, I would have thought Ramada would be more selective of who they associate to. I was refunded £11 pounds for tax so I only lost about £220 overall, 8 phone calls and 5 hours of chasing this issue up, £12.50 parking and missed an important business meeting in Glasgow. Maybe “Easy, if you don’t make any mistakes or life doesn’t get involved, Jet” or “Difficult Jet” for short might be an alternative name in the future…

queues at gatwick

just got to gatwick with plenty of time for the 6:30 flight to munich but with the most ridiculous queue i...

London Airlines

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rude lying staff

Well I am a popular entertainer living in mallorca spain, I was booked to fly to london to perform in a town...

damaged luggage

we flew into glasgow airport on sat 1st may 2010, as soon as we got to luggage carousel we phoned the...

flight cancellation

I was to fly out with Easyjet on EZY 5385 on March 28, from Gatwick to Munich departing at 18:35 hours.

Several hours before the boards changed to indicate a estimated time of departure of 20:15 hours.

I enquired at the service desk inside departures and was informed this was due to a Europe wide Easyjet computer crash.

At 20:30 the flight was cancelled and we were escorted from the departures area back to the Easyjet desk near Check in.

We were handed our rights, but no further assistance was offered. We were informed that our options were to try and book onto the next available flight ourselves, but I needed to be in Munich at least by the 30th and the next available was the 31st.

I ended up paying STG 180 to fly with British Airways to fly the next morning. I had to then travel paying my own way to Heathrow and spent the night there.

All Easyjet offered was a possible hotel (there was no chance there would have been enough) given the amount of cancelled flights - but given I had to get to Heathrow this was of no use, given the Easyjet flights to Munich the next day were full.

Easyjet have only offered only the following:

Please be advised that I have processed a refund for your easyJet cancelled flight (GBP 100.99) and for the difference between BA and easyJet London-Munich flight (GBP 79.71).

This seems manifestly inadequate.

In line with Regulation 261/2004 of the European Parliament and of the European Council of 11 February 2004 I believe I am also entitled to further compensation.

Easyjet have denied this stating:

"To receive EU compensation, there must be certain criteria meet. If the flight is cancelled, passengers are entitled to EU Compensation except when easyJet can prove the cancellation is due to extraordinary circumstance which could not have been avoided even if all reasonable measures had been taken, including but not limited to Air traffic Control, Weather, Civil unrest, Terrorist alerts and Security alerts, Strike action, technical issues and unexpected flight safety shortcomings.
Our booking system has been affected by the unexpected failure, therefore none of the reservations could have been accessed. As a result, the flight was cancelled as we were unable to process the data of the passengers that were booked on your flight.

I am afraid that none of the passengers from your flight are entitled to the above mentioned compensation. "

I am of the belief Easyjet deliberately delayed my flight to Munich, having known full well there was a strong chance of cancellation (in fact they were checking in people manually still). Then knowing they have a ready made excuse of an airport curfew, they could knowingly get away without having to pay compensation.

Further help is needed if possible please!

rude staff

I use easyjet on a regular basis as I travel alot for business. I was on flight 8992 from Thessaloniki to London Gatwick on 07/04/2010. As usual flight was on time and no delays occured. Trouble begins when we boarded the plane and were "welcomed" by the most unprofessional flight attendant I have come accross in the 20+ years I have been an air traveller. The flight attendant called Darren, was probably having a very bad day and though of relieving his anger on the passengers. When I was boarding he said nice to see you and and pointed towards the aisle with his arm. As soon as I was next to him he swinged his arm round into my face and shouted that he needed to see my boarding pass in a vary arrogant way. Speaking with some other passengers on the plane they also thought that the attitude of this guy is unaxeptable and extremely rude. Just the way he was talking to the passengers was frustrating and upsetting. As the cherry on the top of the cake, he woke a passenger up by shaking his seat in a very violent manner, and the passenger woke up in frustration and had to told the steward to relax and calm down.

And I ask EasyJet is this the best they can do? Hiring flight attendats that cannot control ther emotions and be professional at all times? I paid £450 pounds for my ticket and I demand some respect. People like Darren should be sent home.

the website that won't take bookings!

Have you heard the joke about the internet booking service that doesn't take bookings?
Only it's not a joke - it's Easyjet.

I tried to report the bug but there's no contact phone no. on the website; I tried to use the "email us" link but it wasn't working. And when after 3 days of trying to book a flight I found a number for customer services, they tell me that they want me to pay 40 Euros extra for a telephone booking + on top of the 8 Euros the phone call cost me. Exorbitant!

Previously I've been quite pleased with Easyjet's service and the value for money, but that all changed this weekend when I tried to book my latest flight. THE SERVICE IS NIL.

Easyjet's message is clear - " don't bother flying with us"

suitcase damaged and no response

I have a complaint for Easyjet to add to the long list. I flew from Larnaca Cy to Gatwick 7 weeks ago and my luggage was torn and damaged even the name tags were missing when I picked it up at Gatwick. I reported it to the handlers and filled in the forms etc they said they'd send me a replacement but about 3 weeks ago I contacted them to find out what was going on and the ones who did the claim are saying its up to easyjet to send me the suitcase. I have contacted easyjet by email numerous times and each time they don't bother to answer. I would also include that at Larnaca airport the easyjet check in trolls are extremely rude and have no professionlism in their job whatsoever. They really show up the whole airline in my opinion.

  • Ry
    ryan golding Mar 09, 2010

    I just flew back to gatwick and when my case come off the belt my case was broken in half, i reported it and the man said that easyjet would deliver me a new one. Guess what after 4 weeks i am still waiting and no one has contacted me.

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cancelled flight

I book a return flight with easy jst back in august 2009 to travel in june 2010, I recieved an email 18/02/2010 telling me my flight had been cancelled, I tried calling them after waiting on the phone for nearly an hour I decided to opt for a refund of the flight that had been cancelled and re book with flythomascook. Several hours later I recieved another email from easy jet to say sorry we made a mistake and your flight has not been cancelled, so now I have a flight with thomascook which I paid £250.00 for which is unrefundable!! Its shocking and I am very angry with them.

3 cancellations in one flight

I booked a flight to the UK from Spain on the 18th of December 2009, the flight was cancelled due to bad weather.
I finally got away the day after, the flight delayed for 3 hours and my destination airport changed (or I had to wait another day).
I was due to fly back on the 23 rd but that flight too was cancelled. Fortunately I checked online before leaving for the airport.(Thats ok things happen)
I am now rebooked to fly on the 24 th, I check online before leaving and the flight is still scheduled.
My son in law drops me at the airport I check my suitcase in, get through passport control, put my bags back together and redress myself, ie boots belt and jewelrey. I finish, and walk up the ramp to the lounge, read the information board and the flight says cancelled.
This is the 3 rd time !(now this is getting silly )
My main beef is that there was insufficient communication, it took an hour for a representative to escort us through passport control, why beggars belief as we had not been any further than the airport lounge.
We then had to go and retrieve our luggage from the carousel and proceed to queue up for another hour to re book yet again.
We were not once given a satisfactory explanation why we were in this position once again.
I re book and am told I can not be flown home now until the 27 th, that`s 4 days late.
I spent xmas in a Country I did not want to be in, and alone, and my husband was left in Spain on his own too here in Spain.
I sent easyjet a 6 page letter plus receipts for car park charges etc, I also faxed the same to them, as of yet they have not replied nor do I think for one minuet that they will, It`s been too long now.
So ! if any one from Easyjet should stumble upon this letter, you need to up your customer service, starting by more staff and staff training.
(The same girl checking in suitcases was also doing the flight re bookings)no wonder we were stuck in the lounge an hour.
So low cost airline Easyjet ! for my money also means low cost service and low cost courtesy.
Oh and by the way! I will not be using you again.

cancellation and delay

My partner and I received and email on 06-01-2010 cancelling our flight from Larnaca to Gatwick. Fair enough - Gatwick snowbound. We rescheduled to the next available flight on th 10th, That was delayed for 24 hours.
Our problem is that in order to claim against our travel insurance we need insurance letters from easyJet. These haved been requested, but no sign of them. In a few days our time will be up, and we will not be able to claim.
The initial problems were not your fault, but we are out of pocket and unable toget redress because of your negligent "customer service". This is a strange case of "customer service" losing a customer!
Thanks a lot, easyJet!

  • Have you already initiated your claim with your travel insurance company? Correct me if I'm wrong, but the deadline applies to the filing date, not the date when all the information has to be submitted... Regardless, show the insurance company receipts that you sent the info to the airline and they should be willing to contact them on your behalf. We are contacted by insurance companies on a regular basis, requesting confirmation on delays.

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  • Mi
    Mick1512 Feb 26, 2010

    Thanks for your reply. We initiated the claim in good time, but had to get the paperwork back by a certain date. That date is now long gone.
    However, a few days ago easyJet contacted me asking what we wanted in the insurance letter. I would have thought it was obvious.
    Anyway, I complained about them costing us our insurance claim. They are now "considering" paying our out of pocket expenses. Of course, they require receipts, whereas insurance companies pay out based on length of delay.
    Thanks again,

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  • Mi
    Mick1512 Mar 14, 2010

    Update: eventually got reimbursement of some hotel expenses.
    For the record, here is my reply:

    "I clearly have no choice but to accept your limited refund.

    However. If easyJet had responded to our initial request for documentation we would have made a full claim on our travel insurance with confidence of a full payment based on length of interruption to our travel plans. We had already been informed by our insurance company that upon production of your letter detailing time and reason for the cancellation and subsequent delay, then a payment would be made. It is because of easyJet’s obstruction and tardiness that we were unable to make a such a claim within a reasonable time period of 30 days from initiating the claim process.

    You have cost us money.

    You are a disgrace, with no concept of the meaning of customer service. Your website automates the debiting of customer accounts and the issue of travel documents. I see no reason why you cannot similarly automate the issue of insurance letters.

    Your cabin crew are childish and patronising. When travelling, I do not care if it is the birthday of any of them. Nor do I care what European city they spent the previous night in. Be assured, you will never see us on one of your aircraft again.

    Your service may give the appearance of being value for money, but ultimately you are an expensive liability. Your refusal to issue timely documentation has cost us our insurance claim, which would have been at least double your own payment.

    If the email address of any of your directors were available them this email would have been copied to them."

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shortfall on refund amount

I have used EasyJet flights over years.

On January 8, 2010 my flight from Basel to London was cancelled late in the evening.

I returned to my appartment which was only viable using a taxi CHF 160.

On January 9, 2010 I claimed a refund of my fare CHF 497.92 + CHF 160 for the taxi by submitting a receipt.

On January 18, 2010 my credit card account was credited by EasyJet CHF 340.70 and I was informed that the taxi fare was not refundable.

To date despite repeated requests I am short by CHF 157.22 (497.92 minus 340.70)

Alan Jones

  • Ask them how they calculated the refund... But don't expect them to pay for your taxi. Taking a taxi was your decision and they can't be expected to pay for it. What if you decided to hire a helicopter to fly home? Should they pay for that too? Of course not... Just try to get your FULL refund and be done with it. Have them explain where the missing money is and how the refund was calculated. If they charged you a cancellation fee you will need to bring to their attention that this was an involuntary cancellation... Good luck!

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  • Na
    Natalia B Mar 09, 2010

    This is not correct that the airline is not obliged to reimburse the taxi fare for the transportation back home in case of the flight being cancelled. Here is the link to the European Regulation 264/2004 http://eur-lex.europa.eu/LexUriServ/LexUriServ.do?uri=OJ:L:2004:046:0001:0007:EN:PDF which deals with delays, cancellations and denied boarding of the flights to and from European Union. Although your flight was from the country which is not a part of the EU, this regulation will still apply since you were flying to London which is a member of the EU. Article 5 of the Regulation deals with the cancellations and it refers you to the Article 9 which explains what sort of assistance you should be provided with depending on your circumstances. If the flight was cancelled not due to the extraordinary circumstances (weather, air controller strikes, etc, in other words outside of the airline control) you are also entitled to the compensation of EUR 250 in accordance with Article 7.
    Although, Easy Jet Customer Service is useless and they try every possible excuse not to pay you, if you don't give up (and this is their main strategy to make the process for you so complicated that many people do give up) and go till the end, eventually you will get your money back with the compensation (if you qualify for it).

    Good luck!

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easyjet poor customer relation - and, arguably, fraud

I'd like to add my voice to the chorus of angry customers of Easyjet. The company arrogantly ignores its responsibilities for customers, cancels flights at a whim, does not bother to provide any proper customer service for its customers, or, to put it differently, its customer service arrangements look like a scam. My flight from Istanbul on January 6 was cancelled. No information was provided to the local airport about the reasons for cancellation. No customer service was availavble to advise on possible alternative arrangements. An email was sent to me offering either an alternative flight or a refund. The nearest flight available was for January 15 (!). My request for the refund was met with an automotated reply that the company had a high volume of claims and took 'a little longer' to precess claims. A 'little longer' has been three weeks now... . Morover, they set up an automoted reply system asking not send another email. No alternative communication line exists to discuss the claim - at least there's no information on their website. From what I'm learning now this is a common practice of this 'company'.
I'd like to appeal to all Easyjet customers: we need to bring a legal action against this mockery of a company to make them to change their ways or -just disappear and stop deceive their customers. Mr. Stallios seems have created a fraud of a company and it's unacceptable that the authorities allow it to carry on with impunity for so long.

terrible customer service

Easy Jet cancels flights and makes it technically impossible to re-book - they cancelled my flight 7th January Berlin to London Gatwick and told me that the flight to London Luton (same evening) was full

- I was not told about my right to book a hotel / taxi etc.

- The telephone number to the call centre was wrong

- Telephones provided to customers to re-book were not working

- The re-booking service on the Internet did not work and I could not rebook my flight for the next day (error message from Easy Jet). Staff told me there were no flights until Monday 11th January

- Staff at the airport told me that Easy Jet closed down the call centres

lost luggage

I was going back to Engalnd for a christmas holiday, when we arrived in Manchester my luggage had not arrived, i reported this, filled out a form and was told they would be in touch... i was giving no form back, this was the 23rd Dec.
By the 26th still no news, so went back to the airport only to be told there was no one availible to talk to, also no one had a number to get in touch with, so went home luggage less agian...
I know had to got out and buy a new suitcase as i needed to buy all new clothes, as well as presents, we where due to fly back on the 30th at 7.15am, i received a phone call the night before at 5pm saying a man was outside with my case...
The next day at the airport they then tried to charge eccess baggage, and we got told there was nothing they could do, we had to sort it over here, i would have been happy just to have had a phone call... no sorry, nothing.

  • Jo
    Jost Jan 02, 2011

    We have had a very similar encounter recently. 5 adults and 4 young children including a 2 & 4 year old travelled to geneva on 26/12/2010 from Birmingham. The plane was drowned by 4 hours and we arrived in geneva to discover that no one on the flight has any luggage. Apparantly easy jet knew this fact but chose not to tell us! Arriving at 11.30pm with no child car seats we clearly would not have chosen to travel on this flight if we had been given the option. Our luggage arrived back 5pm the night before we came home! Not one phone call or easy jet rep was available to explain what was happening. Our ski holiday was ruined and we have been left many hundreds of pounds out of pocket. We are still pursuing claims.

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misleading (and expensive) baggage policy

I'm still in shock, but I'll keep this short. Basically EasyJet ripped me off by 100 pound...

staff abuse

Dear Sir or Madam While travelling back from Barcelona on the 6th Dec 2009 on Easyjet flight No EZY6030 from...

Bristol Airlines