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Well lets see since this Dunkin Donuts has opened I have visited quit a few times. Every single time i go first of all the people can not speak English. Hello this is America you came to our country. Second of all you spend so much time trying to speak with them you get so furious you don't even care to finish your order or come back for that matter. This Dunkin Donuts sucks and I mean seriously there donuts are never fresh they are almost stale when you bite into them and they never have the ones you want whats up with that? It's holiday time now almost halloween and they don't even carry the holiday donuts for my daughter. At first I thought maybe it was because they just opened and didn't have the hang of things so i made sure i gave it enough time before i stopped back and it still sucked. Now i am just completely turned off by all of them it makes me think i am going to waste more of my money because i don't just buy 1 donut i usually buy about 2 dozen and a box of munchkins so my daughter has her own. Ive wasted my money of 5 trips so far and my family has the same problem and so do my friends with this one. I believe they need to be shut down or someone else needs to come show them how things are done. One of these times i am going to visit and they are going to be surprised when i have the time to turn my car back around and throw there nasty food back in there face and tell them how i feel.


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    shawn Bolda Oct 10, 2007

    I have lived in Illinois for 38 years and had many donuts and one of my favorites where DD that was until I moved to Columbia (TN). When they first opened in Columbia this summer 07 they where so packed with people just waiting to get in and once you got your donuts the where very good. but now that they have been opened for a few months now the quality of the donuts sure did go down hill. First of all I guess you must have stopped making the long john or Tennesseen's just don't know what a long john is the jelly, cream filled are so poorly filled and the ones with the chocolate frosting doesn't even cover the top of the donuts and the munch kins for fifty cents a piece that's a shame.
    So what happen to the quality of the donuts at DD? Did it die off with the man on the commercial? It's time to make the Donuts.

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    Tony Hinds Oct 16, 2007

    I went to buy a cup of coffee and the employees were unprofessional. As I walked into the establishment I heard the person behind the counter use the N word twice and the manager use the F word once. Is this the image that you want for your company. This took place in Perth Amboy ,NJ on Convery Boulevard. You need to tighten up on both your management and the employees. This is a so called family place and it represents all that has gone wrong in the U.S. This is only one place that I have witnessed such behavior. I will be writing similar messages to other establishments that I witness operating in this chaotic disrespectful mode.

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    barblebda Nov 06, 2007

    Our family have been enjoying your donuts for many years. We
    buy them at least once a week if not more. The last 5 or 6 times they
    were stale, hard no one ate them This was in the morning too.. I toss them out. I'm wondering if its the store or you have changed you're recipe. I did noticed the worker had the doors open to the donuts. This could be the problem. This was at Monaca, PA. I will not buy them again unless I get feedback. I miss your fresh donut.

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    Dominic Messina Nov 27, 2007

    The coffee at most Douncan Doughnuts also stinks now. They make it in small mpots and the stay on the burner too long. Every once in awhile I get a good cup but it is never consistent. I now go to a Quick Check or 7-11. Out of 5 DDs in my area only one has good coffee. They say it is because they dont use the small glass pots. DD Lets get with it. You are not the only one around anymore!

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    roger caissie Dec 29, 2007

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    Sarahy Mar 24, 2008

    I lived in New Brunswick NJ I have a Dunkin Donuts a block away from my house on Route 27 by the coach bus station. Every time I buy a Cappuccino they give me regular coffee and charge $ 3.63 for it. I would appreciate if you guys take action and make them operate like a Dunkin Donuts

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    Popster Aug 24, 2010

    Dunkin Doughnuts Quality has gone long ago. Corporate greed has replaced the Great Doughnuts and Coffee with lower quality, cheaper ingrediants and given up on freshness.
    I miss the good old days when the doughnuts were made on site, of the best ingrediants. One could get a fresh doughnut and cup a Joe.
    Not any more, cheap junk served by unprofessional staff.
    Why people still go there is beyond me? The doughnuts are made in some way off factory now, of the similiar quality that put "Bess Eaten Doughnuts" out of business!

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    nadeysha Mar 15, 2011

    well i when to the dunkin donuts located on 1600 south east rd in farmington ct i walk in the store and the floor is real dirty, the bathrooms are not clean and they smell really bad the manager that was in the from counter had a really bad attitude she yells at her employees wild theres customers on the front counter i asked for a coffee and it tasted like it was there for a long time. she has poor manager experience her name is maria thats what it saids in her name tack. i would like for someone to take care of the problems that the store has its not good for customers how go to that dunkin donuts. Thank You.

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  • Ho
    horse csams Aug 18, 2011

    their boston cremes taste awful. i want dd to go back to their old recipe. when i order a caramel latte, they charge me $3.79 for something that tastes like horse ###. dagnabbit ### and balls! to hell with dunkin donuts.

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  • Ko
    Kooz Nov 07, 2011

    Couldn't agree more in general about Dunkin, but it's not just your location, it's an overall corporate culture problem (my top reasons to be anti Dunkin' Donuts: I would love for DD to go back to what it was about 15 years ago, but there's no way that will happen. I remember when they used real eggs, had amazing coffee, and didn't rely on gimmicks. Oh well.

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  • Ro
    Roger Levy Dec 30, 2019

    When I was a kid in the 80's I remember the donuts being really good. They're pretty gross now. No crisp outer part, no fresh fried taste. They are lifeless, bready, and artificially tasting and I never get them. People rave on the coffee but I guess it's because it's bland? Even their non-donut food is pretty gross. You're better off going to McDonalds, get a good egg sandwich and a shitty coffee loaded with flavor syrup and cream to mask the sour taste, for less money.

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