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This is the second week in a row that we've noticed a decline in product quality at Dunkin Donuts (Annapolis Maryland). The donuts appear smaller, greasier, less appetizing, less appealing colors, less wholesome and do not taste the same as they did just a couple of months ago. The chocolate tastes off. The blueberry tastes like something one would get out of a freezer box and cook in a microwave. The glazed is the saddest. It's hardly risen, and the coating is almost non-existent. I used the last of my Christmas coupon books to buy this dozen. We never used to have left-over donuts. But, I'll bet that about half of this dozen will be thrown away or half-eaten... just like the dozen we bought last week. I've very disappointed. No more Dunkin Donuts for me. That's probably a good thing though. They're probably the worst thing we could be eating in the morning.

  • Updated by James McKinnon · May 04, 2018

    Çoffee was cold. The manager would not replaces it. He was mean. Then poured coffee on me.

  • Updated by Michael Tully · Aug 06, 2019

    They should have a dress code?


  • Sa
    Sanjeev Lath Aug 18, 2006

    Dunkin Donuts located in 342 Broadway, MA 01841.
    I was employed from Oct 2005 to Feb 2006. My wages were manupilated by the manager, Selene Diaz and was harassed, mentally , physically because of my race and sexual orientation throughout my employment. I made a complaint to the Dept of Labor which resulted in partial backpayment of my wages. After I filed a discrimination complaint with EEOC I was terminated. The case is still pending with EEOC and Lawrence court for wages.

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  • Ja
    jane doe Jun 13, 2007

    I am currently employed by a Dunkin Donuts located at 315 Broad St. Providence, RI. I've worked for this same employer now since 1998. My reason for emailing you is it seems the owner just doesn't care about the store or the service he is providing anymore. I've witnessed various instances of food contamination and cross contamination. The women are no longer being trained about food safety or in customer service. All of this has been brought to the owners attention. His response is simply, "Who Cares?". The store needs to be inspected. A surprise inspection may get him to start paying attention to things again. In RI a store needs to meet certain food safety guide lines. This store is not.

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  • De
    desiree duncan Aug 24, 2007

    I was in the dunkin doughnuts in Tavares Fl and the manager was very rude. She followed me to my table and was yelling at me. Then she called the police and had me trespassed. The police laughed and said they were not filling out any paperwork but to stay away for a year. I will never eat there again!!!

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  • Ta
    TAMI STPIERRE Oct 17, 2007

    I work 4 a dunkin donuts in lewiston maine and my manager is really mean to us workers, she fires people for a reason we dont think is right and to top it off she comes to work smelling like the alcohol she had to drink the night before... we have tried talking to our general manager and he does the same threatens our jobs... if i myself didnt have a family to support i would have walked long ago... is there somebody we can have look into these matters without losing our jobs

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  • Gh
    ghost rider Nov 07, 2007

    You need to call the Better Business Bureau and the Human Rights Division of your State. Trust me... you WILL get results!

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  • Ir
    Irene Dixon Nov 13, 2007

    We went in to buy donut and cofee and did. Then I went to counter and tried to purchase 2 pls of coffee. I asked the women which was decafe and she said the one with the green lable. I took two flavor brands and bought them. I then sat down to drink my coffee and looked on the bag and the bag said coffee, not decafe. I went back to the women and said it didnt say decafe and she said it didnt come in flavors only regular coffee. i said i wanted my moneyback and she said my receipt was wrong as it said minus coffee. I had a dollor off coupon andI told her she had made a mistake and that I never left the store and just wanted flavor coffee but it had to be decafe. She said i couldnt have my money back so I took the coffee. I had no choice. She was an absolute ###. This type of service is awful. She was busy but the time she was arguing with me she could have satisfied me. My husband and I go every saturday for a cup of coffee and one or two donuts. But guess what we will not go back again. We will find something else to do on a saturday morning. We are retired. No more donuts.

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  • Al
    Alla Pinzour Jan 15, 2008

    I have never experienced such a horrible service and embarrassment. Her name is Adela and she works in Dunkin Donuts. I was buying from drive thru and she did not gave me the total of how much I have to pay instead she overcharged me, so I had to go inside to get my difference back, instead i got something i have never seen before. She was very rude to me and had the biggest attitude, and she is serving people. She overcharged me and instead of appologising she was screaming and yelling at me in front of all the employees there. Then she start talking and screaming in Spanish, I am not a Spanish speaking, but i could tell she was saying bad thinks about me.

    Person like that can not serve people. I would never ever go to that Dunkin Donuts again. Please address this to whom it may concern!!!

    Thank you,
    Mrs Pinzour.

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  • Cr
    Craig Carter Feb 22, 2008

    I just had another Dunkin Donuts employee be rude to me. This is the second Dunkin Donuts store that an employee has been rude to me in less that two months. My only option is to never buy a product from this company again. Being rude must be part of the training policy. Anyway their doughnuts are not that good.

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  • Ja
    Jane Doe Apr 26, 2008

    We like Dunkin Donuts Coffee alot. The Dunkin Donuts at 1325 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville, Fl is filthy. The employees are nice and fix the drinks correctly although on occasion an employee's smock is beyond soiled. The filled bakery items leave alot to be desired. If one buys a filled fritter or doughnut, one expects more than one bite of filling to be in it and I am not exaggerating. The tables are often not cleaned and crumbs remain on some of the tables. What was worse was feeling the bottoms of our shoes stick to the floor! To look around, the display plastic coverings and doors are blatantly filthy which is especially easy to see when the sun is reflected off of them. My husband and I have been to many Dunkin Donuts establishments and they are usually very busy. I wondered why this one was not and now I know. It is in a good location and if the manager took interest, I'm sure there would be more business. We will probably stop in on occasion to get a coffee to go only because it is closer to us when we run errands, but we will not spontaneously drop by like we would like to only because I don't like to think about how filthy the areas are that we "don't see".

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  • Ro
    ROBERTA SANTUCCI May 15, 2008

    Today, they advertised "free" small coffee from 10am to 10pm. I went to the Providence Place Mall, on my lunch hour, and the woman said, "she was sorry" but this location was not taking part in the promotion.

    I feel this is very misleading!

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  • Ba
    Barb May 17, 2008

    I was in dunkin donuts on friday may16th, I bought a coffee and bagel, and gave the clerk $20 as I just came from the bank, he handed me change for a $10, I immediately said I gave you a $20 and he denied it, the manager said she would call me after the register was cleared at end of day, and took my name, I never rec'd a call as the clerk I am sure took the money, as I only had a $20. It is a scam they do and get away with it. Besides the coffee tasted like sour milk was in it. I want my $10 back

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  • B
    B May 19, 2008

    I live in Hudson, NH. I am complaining about the price of coffee and how "going green" is not of Dunkin Donuts Interest. I Completely disagree with how much they will charge you for a refill when you bring in your own coffee mug. I was charged $1.93 for filling up my coffee mug.. Not only did they earn an extra $1.93 on the coffee they poured for me, but they also have an extra cup on inventory which they can sell and make their $1.85 in profits. I just think that when going green, Dunkin Donuts should be considerate since they give out how many Styrofoam cups each day? You can do the math. I think there should be more consideration for those of us who are actually using the resources we have inside of our own homes. Thanks again DUNKIN DONUTS for Ripping me off. P.s. I was told that "DUNKIN DONUTS rips you off" by an employee Here in Hudson, NH. Thanks for reading.

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  • Bu
    Buz May 29, 2008

    I will not shop at Dunkin Donuts until you apologize for pulling your ad.

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  • Ja
    Jane Doe Jun 02, 2008

    Regarding the Dunkin Donut at 1325 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville, FL: We went back there because we saw the outside windows had been cleaned and the place was busy. To our joy, the whole place was clean and there was a new crew. Too bad that after waiting for 15 minutes, we were told our order could not be filled because they had run out of regular coffee unless we would accept decaf. In a place that is all about coffee??!! But stuff happens sometimes so we will go back there anyway. THANK YOU for cleaning the place up!

    Regarding the Dunkin Donut at 11657 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville, Fl, where I went most recently: the person that was cleaning the donut shelves impressed me because she was really doing a good job. Then for some unknown reason, she shook the cleaning cloth over the floor to shake off the large particles ("I guess?") and some of the particles went flying back over the lower donut bins that still had donuts in them. (yuk) Then she used another damp cloth to further clean and did the same thing with that, shaking it off over the floor without realizing where some of the particles were flying to. This was done right in front of the customer order counter. At a later date, she served my coffee and it tasted like it had been sitting there for days, I could not drink it. When I took it back, another server had to assist me because this gal was "cleaning". I've been there many satisfactory times and I think that person does not need to do work serving people. She is not a people person nor does she appear to be conscious of what she is doing.
    Thank you for listening.

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  • Kl
    klar Jun 09, 2008

    I would like to go into the Dunkin Donuts on Main Street, East Haven, Ct. just once and have my order come out correct, or not have to explain several times what i want. I went in and ordered two different combos, and a separate medium coffee . I got my medium coffee (separate order) and when i mentioned that i didn't get my coffee that goes with the combo, she said i had to tell them i wanted coffee, yet the combos specify "and coffee." Why do i have to specify that i want what they advertise? I would surmis that i would tell them if i didn't want coffee, to substitute something else. I didn't think that was too hard to handle - WRONG. So i paid for a small coffee just to get out of there. I try to avoid that Dunkin Donuts like a plague. After a couple of weeks, i, like a dummy, go back in and order a coffee, which is okay, but don't try to order anything to complicated.

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  • Ft
    FTP Jun 10, 2008

    I couldn't even order my food through the drive thru without the hood rats who were working barking HOLD ON, for fifteen minutes. This is the cincinnati location, hopefully they fix this is up and fire every lazy ### fuk working. Maybe dunkin donuts can use that extra change they tag onto the prices and pay there employees a bonus to work harder. WORST MANAGEMENT EVER.

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  • Su
    susana Jun 12, 2008

    Defenetely the quality of dunkin donuts is becoming the worst nightmare for consumers, it is ridiculous how they can have the face to charge you for such a bad product, they shuld just give up the business if they can not handle it the right way.

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  • No
    Noah Jul 05, 2008

    My complaint was my visit on 07-04-08 during 10:38am. I usually go to the same Dunkin Donut, Boston St. Salem MA. I never had any problem with anyone except for this employee. I ordered a 5 inch supreme pizza [newly on the item]. And the young female employee, blond light complexion, with a heavy accent, almost give me 5 order of the supreme pizza instead. I asked is the order correct and she said yes. I got the receipt. Then when I show her the receipt, I told her politely, "Hi, you made a mistake. I ordered a 5 inch supreme." She started to raise her voice and literally yelled at me, "You wanted 5 PIZZA!" And another employee making the pizza, a middle aged man, raised his voice also. I told her again that it was 5 inch supreme pizza, the full name of the item. Another customer had to step in and tell them that I clearly stated 5 inch supreme pizza. So another lady who works up front give me back the amount of the overcharged items on my credit card and rolled her eye. And they did not apologize for the incident. I wouldn't make a complaint, but it wasn't my first time getting an attitude from the same employee who worked there.

    It was really uncalled for them to start raising their voice and giving me such attitude. I was clear and precise on my order and talked to them politely. I know that they have a language barrier, and it's understandable but the attitude and behavior was a bad experience. I know my voice wouldn't matter much, and I will still go there, but something should me done. The manager should take a closer look at their employee and train customer service well. I'll post up their name and description next time I go there.

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  • Do
    Donna Jul 25, 2008

    Every time I went to this particular dunkin donuts on Quakerbridge Rd in Mercerville, NJ they never had the correct amount of change due me and I always left short of my money. When I mentioned it to them they said"they just did not have enough change" and I drive off while they keep my hard earned money...I stopped going there and today returned because I was in that area again and purchased a lite latte and it was $1.00 more than the Dunkin DOnuts down the road. I told the manager and he said, "well they are his prices" RIP_OFFS!!! I can go to Starbucks for less than that DD now and I will!

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  • An
    Anne Aug 21, 2008

    I went to a Dunkin Donuts 353 Broad Ave # 1, Leonia, NJ, and they have the worst service. They are very rude, and rush through the order, which they get wrong. You have to order your drink with one person, and then repeat your order to the cashier, and then repeat it again to the person making the food. On top of that, they barely speak english! Which makes it harder to give your order to them! I'm never going back there again!

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  • Ho
    howard Sep 23, 2008

    no bagels early, service horrible. need more english speaking staff

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  • Bi
    bigsmellyman Sep 29, 2008

    English??? what's that?

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  • Bo
    boycott Dunkin' Donuts Oct 07, 2008

    Here is a copy of my first and last complaint to Dunkin' Donuts, the worst and final event culminating years of abuse...

    I am writing to let you know that you have lost another customer. I have been purchasing products from your company for the past 15 years, spending an average of $2000/year. When made properly, your coffee and food products are the finest available, but I have endured my last disappointment. On average I would say the coffee is burnt 60% of the time I purchase it, and made with the wrong amount of cream/sugar 90% of the time, prompting me to order these items on the side and assemble the coffee myself. I can deal with these inconveniences, along with numerous communication issues with the majority of non-English speaking employees I have encountered who cannot interpret the phrase, "Large coffee with 2 creams and 1 sugar". Yesterday an incident occurred which will forever sever my relationship with my favorite coffee shop. I purchased a coffee on my way into work (I work the overnight shift as a dispatcher, from 11PM-7AM) which tasted as if it had been sitting on the burner for hours if not days - for the fourth time in a row. Normally I throw out the coffee (and another $2) and end up frustrated. This time I returned to the shop with the cup of coffee and my receipt, politely explained what had happened, that I was a daily customer, and would like to exchange this coffee this once and perhaps speak with the manager. An eastern European female told me I could not exchange the coffee unless it was the same day. I explained to her that I was at work and unable to leave until the next day, had never done anything like this but wanted to express my displeasure and would pay for the new coffee if she did not have the authority to do so. She proceeded to call me "crazy" and walked away. I suppose I would be crazy, if I were to put up with such abhorrent customer service and throw away my hard-earned money any longer. I have worked personally interacting with the public for years, from my first job at Dunkin’ Donuts through the present, and I would be quickly without employment if I ever spoke to someone in that manner - I am appalled to say the least. I may try your company again someday, perhaps when I relocate to New Hampshire, where I have generally found your company has not yet lost touch with it’s original vision and quality (i.e.- the coffee is fresh and the personnel are polite). Until then, I will not set foot in another Dunkin’ Donuts in Massachusetts, and will encourage my friends and co-workers to do the same.

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  • Li
    Linda Ricard Oct 21, 2008

    I was at the Dallas Airport, NW Terminal E6, October 20th, traveling with my sister . Across from the waiting area is a Dunkin Donut Shop. While sitting we were facing the shop. We actually saw the person that waits on customers standing outside the shop picking his nose. He then walked around opened the door to the shop and waited on customers. He did not wash his hands, nor did he use paper or pastic gloves on his hands. I mentioned this later to another employee but she did not seem to concerned. Hopefully this was just a rare situation but how are we to know. Thank you for your time, I'm sure you will look into this matter. Linda

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  • Cj
    CJ Dec 01, 2008

    I have visited this location many times. It seems that EVERYTIME I visit when this one employee, Theresa (Rough) as she tells me, is worj=king, she is NEVER ready to prepare sandwiches for me or my companions. It doesnt matter if i arrive at 12am, 1, 2, 3, or 4 am she ALWAYS tells me she cannot cook the sandwiches at that particular time due to cleaning. I have been notified by other D & D workers that they do that type of cleaning once daily. I find it VERY hard to believe it is LAWAYS when i'm looking for something to eat. Just before I went in tonight I watched her serve another person. As SOON as I went to the counter she was already giving the excuses before I even ordered. Once I brought that to her attention and explained I wasnt looking for what she said she cannot give mne although she served the person in front of me, it was a very different story. However, once I tried to get any further I was shot down and ignored again. I have no need to try and deal with ignorant deceptive people such as this person or her manager. I will be gong to her manager or the store manager today. Im not sure if i will get far but please, if people are here to protect others...Make sure people stay away of these people and dont bother with them...

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  • Ja
    Jack Dec 08, 2008

    Alright, I'm only 14 years old but this is what happened once when I bought a donut at Dunkin' Donuts. I was with my best friend in DD and there was about 4 women just standing there giggling and talking in Indian and then I asked for a donut and they started talking again in Indian and said something about me and the subject went totally off; they said I looked "tiny" compared to my friend which deeply offended me. And I was just really angry after they told me that because I know I'm a little short but they don't need to tell me. Or sometimes at Dunkin' donuts when I go to buy a Hot Chocolate I ask for a medium and they give me a small and start "sighing" because I tell them I asked a medium.

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  • Lo
    Louise Dec 28, 2008

    I was going to work for 6:30 in the morning, I live 15 min. away from the store. I ordered a tea, when I recieved it the cover was not on it good and it spilled over me. I told them, they did nothing I even paid for the tea. I had to go back home and change up and was half and hour late for work not counting the time it took me to get back home. My name is Louise StCyr and my E-Mail is [email protected] I just wanted my money back and never got it back. Thank you

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  • 1f
    1ForChrist Jan 14, 2009

    I worked @ this particular Dunkin' Donuts. I love the coffee & other products that DD has to offer. HOWEVER, I will NEVER return to this DD. The manager is a very young, unexperienced Manager with the worse people skills I have ever seen. She has NO business being in a Management position, especially with NO prior experience. I had 9 years of full service restaurant management exp. & have NEVER dealt with such an immature manager/person in my entire life. I predict that this DD will eventually close. There are enough customer complaints about her & her poor attitude.

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  • 1f
    1ForChrist Jan 14, 2009

    Sorry, I didn't mention that this DD is located in Haines City/Davenport, Florida. STAY away from this DD! It SUCKS! Thanks

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  • Be
    bebop750 Feb 07, 2009

    my wife recently went to dunkin doughnuts in phillipsburg. she was outraged by the price of them. 12.oo dollars a dozen. kind of steep for doughnuts that are shipped in and are stale. we will never do bussiness with this company again. at least they are fresher and made on the premises. plus they don't cost as much for a dozen. i guess you may as well jump on the band wagon too since everyone else is raiseing prices.

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  • Be
    bebop750 Feb 07, 2009

    my wife recently went to dunkin doughnuts and bought a dozen doughnuts. she was outraged with the price of them. 12.00 dollars a dozen. kind of steep for doughnuts that are shipped in and stale. what happened to the ad that says they are made every four hours on the premises. we will no longer buy anything from this company again. we will be doing our business with shoprite. at least they make their doughuts there and they are fresh and cost less. i guess if everyone else is raising prices and screwing the public, dounkin doughnuts may as well also.

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  • Th
    The Dude that hates ebay Feb 08, 2009

    I was at a dunkin doughnuts only days ago, it was under $5 for 12 doughnuts and they were very nice.

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  • Di
    Diane Slagle Feb 13, 2009

    My husband and i were on the way to the hospital for a test. I went in to dunkin doughnuts to get some of their good coffee. The boy at the counter was new and he explained he did not have any experience. He tried to locate one of the other workers to help me. They repeatedly ignored me. they went about their business of filling coffee for other customers in the drive up. So I patiently waited. the young man said he was sorry, he tried again to get the others to wait on me. but again nothing. After 6 or 7 minutes. I said, dont worry about it we have an appointment and I need to go. EVEN THEN, they didnt make an effort to see what i needed. I HAVE NEVER BEEN TREATED SO RUDLY. I love Dunkin Doughnuts coffee, but if this is how they treat customers, I guess, I can do without it. I thought that someone needed to know that these workers are driving away business, In this current economy, I just cant believe it.

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  • Ly
    Lynn Ladisky Mar 01, 2009

    Perhaps this is a small complaint...but I bought 4 muffins and handed the clerk a coupon for 4 muffins for $2.99. She entered in the code and told me I owed her $3.50. I feel this was wrong...and questioned her that even if I was paying tax on the full price it would not be that much. She was insistent and there was a huge line behind me.
    I feel that this was a 20% surcharge. I needed the muffins so I paid for it, but I feel that somehow I was scammed.

    This was at the Powerline Location in Boca Raton Fl.

    Lynn Ladiksy
    6662 Boca Del Mar Drive #216
    Boca RAton, Fl 33433

    561 395 8942

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  • Br
    brwne55 Mar 02, 2009

    um im just pointing out that you should never give your full name and address and phone number on a website!

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  • Yo
    yourstoresux Apr 14, 2009

    i live in cairo ny and they just opened a dunkin donuts there and every morning before work i would go but now i will never go there again and i am telling the whole town (not that they don't know about it) i got two orders of hash browns and they weren't even ever put in the oven they gave them to me frozen, they don't ever have donuts and i asked for a hot tea light and sweet well they for got to put the tea bag in the cup so i got semi warm water with sugar and cream. you should close them down b/c your going to loose a lot of business in other towns as well why go even try another one and i tried to call them but they never answer there phone i have been tring every 5 min for the last week to get a hold of there manager and i think that its giving you guys a bad name and you use to be worth going you also took away the vin bean coolata and thats the most popular. well i hope you do something about this i know your not going to y would you but i do know that i am very well known in this town and i am spreading the word not to go there and i know of at least 13 to 14 people who use to go there all the time and now we all go to the whole donut they are nice there they have hot food and coffee and DONUTS
    well hope you close soon or at least talk to the manager aboutt this

    yoours turley
    unhappy customer

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  • john7777 Apr 14, 2009

    Some of the businesses stores have the right not to participate in the promotion. Try to look at the add you seen this in and see if it says "only at participating locations."

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  • Co
    coffeeluvr May 24, 2009

    Dunkin Donuts at 4090 Boston Rd., Bronx NY 10475- 5/24/09 7:21pm- my wife and I went to this Dunkin Donuts today, pulled up to the drive-through microphone and the speaker here never works right.. i heard the guy say something I figured it was 'Dunkin Donuts can I help you'? So I said 'two small coffees' I kid you not the next thing the guy said is "what about them"? So, I said 'what'? The young guy said 'what about them' again? So I said 'what do you mean', he then said "what do you want me to do with them" so I said "juggle them". I figured what ever the guys having a bad day or he just likes to fool around a little.. I can take that.. but then I went to the window to get my stuff and I gave the guy my credit card.. he handed me various bags and the receipt so I left. Shortly after I asked my wife if the guy had given me the credit card back.. I couldn't find it so I called back and this guy picked up the phone.. so I asked him "why didn't you give me my credit card back" to which he said "what"? So I said "you heard me", he then said "oh did you leave your credit card here"? So I said 'no you didn't hand it back to me with the receipt'? "Why"? He then said "it was on the ledge" so I asked to speak to the manager because the first comment of "what about it" was now seeming to be too much for one visit along with this guy not giving me my credit card back.. Now I had to drive back to pick it up. So I asked for the manager and this guy told me "she's on her break" so I asked him to let me hear him ask her to come to the phone which he did and she came to the phone. I explained to the woman what the man said to me at the drive-up and that he also kept my credit card back.. She said "the guy behind you was beeping at you because we were showing your credit card out of the drive-through window". I didn't hear any beeping but I had pulled over right near the window to put sugar in the coffee so i asked 'why didn't you come out and give me my credit card I was out there putting sugar in my coffee for a while" the manager said ' we only have 3 people working' so I told her that as manager she should have run my card out to me and I asked her how could she let me drive away after all they didn't know how far away I lived. So I asked what was she going to give me free for my inconvenience? She said come in and you can have 1/2 a dozen of donuts. So we went back and I said a few words to the guy about his joking around which he said nothing back to. My wife began to pick out things now. My wife didn't know that we were only aloud 'donuts' so she began to order muffins, a bagel and a croissant.. as soon as my wife had put 6 things in the bag the manager said "NO ONLY DONUTS NO MUFFINS, NO BAGELS" So I said if you would have given me my card I wouldn't be here! I also asked the manager why she didn't correct my wife after she picked out the first muffin, why wait til the whole bag is filled to say something? So then I said whatever give me a mix of anything. The lady there put 6 donuts in a bag (there was a long line of people) and I walked over and smashed them all into the garbage receptacle with force so everyone saw it! My wife and I walked out of the store and let me tell you.. we didn't feel like 'valued customers', to say the least! This is also my second incident at this store in the Bronx that I've made a complaint to DD's corporate office! i recall after the first 'complaint' that Dunkin Donut sent me some 10% off coupon that I could have gotten in my weekly circular? Dunkin Donuts corporate office obviously did NOTHING about this stores disgusting attitude. Just in case anyone might think that it's me I would like to say that I have been a Dunkin Donutes customer from the 1980's long before all the DD stores began to pop up.. My point is that for over 20 years I have made 2 complaints. Nuff said!


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  • No
    noDDforme Jun 02, 2009

    Quality has been an issue for a while, I have just resigned myself to passing them by and getting my fix at other coffee houses and snack shops. Oh and their price increases for poorer quality was the last straw for me.

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  • An
    angelaandy4 Jul 31, 2009

    7-30-09 I just returned from DD and the lady at the drive through was very rude and impatient. She didn't say thankyou or anything when she handed me my order, so I sat there till she came back to ask me what the problem was? I said nothing and just gave her a look and she finally said thankyou and I left. Her demaenor was not of a fast food attendent but of a pissed off sailor. Regarding the food the sausage egg cheese crousiant was great, and the apple fritter was not good. The iced cappacino was to strong and not icey enough, the chocolate cover bavarian cream was cheap and stale. I won't be going there again so if it matters to any business owner you just last customer and her family.

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