Duke Energy Corporation Complaints & Reviews

Duke Energy Corporation / duke energy driver

Jul 17, 2019

Duke Energy driver going northbound on 77 between 4:45 and 5:00 7/17/19. There was only one truck. It won't be hard to find the license plate number due to the NC Quick Pass lane. He was cutting people off. Driver cut me off once, I honked my horn thinking he didn't see me because of hi...

Duke Energy Corporation / brown outages

Jul 16, 2019

Due to Duke energy constantly messing with our power my 65 inch flat screen is fried. But this time I was in my tanning bed as the power keeps going on and off. I believe something needs done or they need to pay our bills of they cant keep from doing this two times a week at least. One of...

Duke Energy Corporation / electricity

Jul 14, 2019

Today is a calm, warm, blue-sky day, and our power has gone out. Being a Duke customer is like living in the third world. I've lost count of the number of outages we have each year. I live part of the year on an island in Maine. We're at the very end of the network, and subject to ice...

Duke Energy Corporation / electric bill

Jun 30, 2019

I received a bill of $98.88 on Account Number 1951912417. I requested management's call back but still waiting for the call after 10+ days. This is the landlord account, which automatically transferred the utility to my name. This is a vacated property which has less than 1000 SF. I turned...

Duke Energy Corporation / solar panel credit - original letter sent on june 5, email was in may

Jun 19, 2019

Duke Energy P.O. Box 14042 St. Petersburg, Florida 33733 Re: Solar Panel Electricity Generation Cost Credit Algorithm or Lack Thereof - Now Changing the kWh - Ha Ha I printed the bills and the Duke Energy website still shows the original kWh, so don't bother with additional lies/fraud To Whom It...

Duke Energy Corporation / power/ customer service

Jun 04, 2019

My power has been out in Raleigh NC for almost 24hrs due to a error duke energy made. They waived my disconnection fee due it being an error on their end and stated my power will be back on within 45min to an hour. It has been hours and duke energy still has not reconnected my power...

Duke Energy Corporation / tree trimming service for duke energy power lines on private property

May 23, 2019

Tree service company trimed for Duke on May 21, 2019. The address is 703 Stuart Dr, Sanford NC 27330. One of the four man crew came to the has was very polite and explained they would be trimming trees and shrubs Etc around the power lines running across my back yard. I walked the property with...

Duke Energy Corporation / order

May 22, 2019

Tonight on May 22, 2019 at approximately 9:45 pm a man pulls up in a truck and walks to my back yard and proceed to walk around my property. i proceed to look out the window, within seconds my entire house goes dark. I immediately come out of my room and proceed to the room facing my...

Duke Energy Corporation / retirement health reimbursement account

May 22, 2019

Keep getting run around when trying to obtain my medical reimbursement. Made many calls in past 5 months and recieved many promises of obtaining forms in mail - never received any to this day. Last talked to a lady that claimed to be supervisor and she promised to e-mail the forms - got...

Duke Energy Corporation / discrimination/disabled assistance program

May 21, 2019

I called to Speak with Duke Energy today and Yesterday 5/20/2019 and today 5/21/2019 and they are telling me that for the disabled assistace/elderly program they only reduce your bill by 19 cents a month and won't give me any information about these programs and how to apply and also won't...

Duke Energy Corporation / lack of response to power outage

May 15, 2019

During the storm on Monday 5-13-19, the electrical box was torn off my house. A Duke technician working in the area (Gaylee Village, Wendell) told me I would have to have an electrician reattach it. That was done Tuesday afternoon 5-14-19. I called Duke Energy while the electrician wa...

Duke Energy Corporation / electric

May 10, 2019

I requested to move my service to a new apartment. They continued the bill on BOTH apartments. Then said they'd refund the money from the account I wanted closed. A week later I'm shorted still. If you have the chance to use another company do so. Do not use Duke Energy. The woman I spoke...

Duke Energy Corporation / power outage (planned)

May 10, 2019

We just moved to a new location about 2 months ago and the power is out again for the second time. This particular power outage says it was a planned power outage for maintenance. It would be really nice if you could let your customers know before you intentionally cut their power off in...

Duke Energy Corporation / smart meter installation in spite of medical alert in my file

May 06, 2019

I am a disabled army veteran who informed duke energy that I have a compromised immune system and that the installation of a smart meter would be detrimental to my health, I advised duke energy that I would provide a [requested] notarized statement from my physician indicating that the...

Duke Energy Corporation / street light burned out

Apr 29, 2019

Dear sirs, the street light in front of my house has burned out and my homeowners association will not contact you because there is no legible pole number. The only info on this street light is on the diffuser and cover which has fallen to the ground, there are two decals on it: one is the...

Duke Energy Corporation / service

Apr 22, 2019

I do not wish to give out my birth date or any other personal information.there is an account number that should be enough. Refusing to answer me about all the differant charges on my bill and expecting payment is un heard of until now. If you refuse to give me the information I requested...

Duke Energy Corporation / dead tree branch over power line not repaired

Apr 20, 2019

On an empty lot at the other side of the wall behind 5033 keeneland circle in orlando there is a dead tree branch on top of a power line. We received notification stating that duke energy workers would be around about 6 months ago and submitted a request to check on that line and nothing...

Duke Energy Corporation / electric

Apr 20, 2019

Since about February 2019 we have power surges and outages on a weekly basis. I have contacted them a few times. The surges are more like every day to every other day. The outages were happening at least biweekly. Saturday april 13th our neighborhood lost power at least 3 times. I finally...

Duke Energy Corporation / moving power pole

Apr 17, 2019

I am seeking info about Duke Power moving a pole on land I want to purchase. It has been months with no response. Will I have to pay for this move if they will do it? This is at 2829 Peebles road, Zebulon area NC Please someone has to know this answer How long do I have to wait for an...

Duke Energy Corporation / business disruption, property damage

Apr 06, 2019

On 4/5/19, without my knowledge nor consent, a crew from Bowlin group took over my business parking lot. Egress from my business was blocked (which is illegal) by cones and caution tape. The noise generated by the crew disrupted my therapy practice. My driveway was damaged by the truck. I...

Duke Energy / service not turned off despite it being in our company name. went on for months without any guidance.

Apr 01, 2019

Property Management gone bad. We were the property management for a couple living in Florida for a small house in poor condition in Greene County, not far from Snow Hill. In good faith, we switched power to our name, cleaned the house out, provided an estimate for what the house needed and...

Duke Energy / billing

Mar 18, 2019

On or about dec 2018 eviction process for unemployed medicated 60 yr oldGary westlake from k150 clearwatsr fl 4500 eastbay drive 33764 While) Landlord christopher blau still paid all rent elec til 2019 jan by Pinellas County Sheriff's Electric was terminated for cause Tenant was forcible...

Duke Energy / duke energy tracking soil onto street

Mar 13, 2019

Duke Energy & their sub contractor was relocating power and poles. The site is an active construction site. The sub contractors failed to use the construction/ erosion control measures in place to ensure that dirt was not tracked onto Sweetwater Road (21 st Dr. SE. Hickory). When the...

Duke Energy / installation of smart meter locked out rinnai water heater

Mar 08, 2019

On 7 march technician installed smart meter at 1100 country club drive, trent woods, nc 28562. Warned technician that there was a natural gas backup generator that needs to be turned off before disconnection or it will come on. Power surge when smart meter was turned on knocked out rinnai...

Duke Energy / new panel for solar

Feb 28, 2019

I just called Duke about the status of changing my meter after having solar panels installed on my house. The system passed inspection by Orange County around 1:00 PM on the 20th of February. The gentleman on the phone from Duke was very nice but told me that paperwork hasn't been done yet...

Duke Energy / overcharging for service

Feb 18, 2019

My name is day armachain. I have an account with duke energy. I feel that I have been over charged for service. I do not live at this residents. I have my water heater turned off and the heat is set at 55 degrees. I only go once a week to check my house and may stay the night every other...

Duke Energy / service disconnects, fees, and methodology

Feb 13, 2019

I was just informed by my teenage daughter and son that our electricity was turned off by Duke Energy for non-payment. They turn-off our power after 3PM. Duke Energy charges $40 to disconnect power. To re-connect power, they charge $50 after 5PM How many $40 charges do they collect per...

Duke Energy / bill

Feb 11, 2019

My bill keeps going up. Last month (12/2018) my avg cost per day was 7.31. This month (01/2019) my avg cost per day was 8.35. I called and requested to have my meter checked and was refused the request. Asked for a supervisor, that request was also refused. Now because of this my bill i...

Duke Energy / power installation

Feb 04, 2019

In September 2018, began trying to get service on an established building that did not have meter and was receiving service from an associated business building. Originally asked for three-phase power and was given an example estimate of $2500 dollars by Duke Engineer who came out and...

Duke Energy / repair

Feb 01, 2019

In early January we had our power line repaired after waiting a month for the equipment to make this repair (Ditch Witch required for under road boring).  While we certainly appreciate the restoration of our power using a temporary "extension cord type repair",   we were disappointed in the...

Duke Energy / senior citizen power cut-off and broken promises on when it would be back on.

Jan 01, 2019

Sun Dec 9 0330 We lost power. Called and reported power outage approximately 0339. Called and updated large tree had power line across the road. Also mentioned we live on a dead end road and mother was 80 and couldn't get out for an emergency. I was told our priority would be upgraded...

Duke Energy / residential service complaint

Dec 14, 2018

My name is Tiffany Davis 704-891-4595. I am a 10 month employee with Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools. My service was disconnected a few weeks ago. On a Monday I called and made the payment through the automated system it said my payment was accepted. I had no reason to think there was a...

Duke Energy / too many past due calls

Dec 11, 2018

I get it Duke Energy! I know I have a past due balance and it will be paid! I do not need 6 phone calls, 3 text messages, and 2 emails in less than 6 hours to remind me. It would be just like you to turn off the lights and heat for 2 disabled senior citizens who are on a fixed income...

Duke Energy / solar panel installation delay

Dec 11, 2018

We had the installation of our solar panel on our home completed in mid October. An application to approve the change of the meter and activation of the panels soon followed. Duke confirmed that they received everything when I called in November. They have taken no action at all. We are...

Duke Energy / power

Dec 10, 2018

Would like to complain about the recent power outage that has happened because of the snow storm that started 12/8/18. On several occasions Duke Energy was called to get updates on the outage in my parents neighborhood. On all occasions I was told there were not updates and that I would be...

Duke Energy / waiting for power to be ran to home...

Dec 10, 2018

I have been waiting for power to be ran to my home for almost 30 days now. I just received a phone call and an automated message telling me my power was now going to be moved out from December 14th to December 20th which will then be more than a month past my request date. (my request date...

Duke Energy / billing

Nov 27, 2018

Received November's bill...paid in full. I checked my online account and noticed a high amount still due, I called and asked what the amount was for and was told they had applied a security deposit to the account in the middle of the month. After some research i found through their own...

Duke Energy / power was cut off without notice because they misapplied the payment

Nov 14, 2018

Online bill pay was sent on time...The power was cut off without notice at my rental home in Pendleton South Carolina. Payment had been misapplied by DUKE ENERGY and no notice given. Power was turned back on, food spoilage claim filed, and I had to pay extra charges until I could provide...

Duke Energy / pipe crushed

Nov 11, 2018

Dear Sir/Madam, I am the resident of city of Winston Salem and my address is 4209 oak pointe drive, 27105. The drainage pipe of our house got damaged and water is seeping out and soaking our yard and the side of our house. This incident occurred the first week of September 2018; we included...

Duke Energy / power surge

Nov 02, 2018

My fans was going up high and low lights flickering, tv, refrigerator, large fan, stoped working i called duke energy, they sent someone out. The worker that came out said the problem was there fault that the line was not suposed to be run copper to aluminum that it had become crowded and...