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W: MANJEZI / S MRS You’re Ref. DXB/X/HG/100707/6576074
On the 24 June 2007 at around 7am from our flight JHB connecting to UK flight we (myself and my 9year old son) were travelling on school holiday from JHB to UK via Dubai , securities at the boarding gate to UK stopped us and asked where you going? For what? Where’s your id, driver's license and old passport, I did not carry those documents as we had our passports, they asked me questions like where do you get money to go on holiday? Why don’t you stay in SA? Looking at my bank statement where do you get this money? Who’s his father? How much cash have you got? They asked me about the visa, I told them I do not need a visa I am a South African and even showed the email from UK embassy, they then took it, Who's Makhaya Ntini? Sing your National Anthem after responding to those question they ignored us for hours, they even changed shift, I cried and they said UK official will interview me and they won’t let us go if I cried, and no official came and after some hours when I asked the reason I was told to wait, I could see there were not flight to JHB and they said we should go and sleep at the lounge and at 22H00 we should go and report at the boarding gate for our flight at 23HOO all this time they kept our passports. All my hotels were booked and attractions in UK return air tickets were paid, Even my hotel and visa for Dubai We were going to spend 2nights on my way back from UK was confirmed and paid for. I showed them the proof. When I send a query to their customer service they refunded me R4741.14 for the ticket and R2100.00 for the stopover and I used R25000.00 when I complained about the amount "Lynne C. Sandys, Customer Affairs" told me I do not appreciate and I flew, I told her I was not going to Dubai that time and her reason was "Our Security personnel were informed by the ALO that you would not be allowed to enter the UK without a UK Entry Clearance Visa from South Africa and, therefore, you were to be returned to your point of origin, that is, Johannesburg" they could not provide me the name of the person who gave that ruling and they never spoke to any UK official. “I have got her response” All I want from them is my money or fully paid trip (AIRTICKET, HOTEL ACCOMODATION AND ATTRACTIONS)
We contacted the UK embassy; they told us they never received any query about us and they never gave that ruling. The securities even lied about our flight to JHB and said it was at 23h00 and we should board at 22H00 they told us to sleep at the lounge, they kept our passports, I called the SA embassy they were told there were no flight and they agreed that no UK official interviewed us, only on the 25June at 10H00 I booked at the Dubai International hotel and we were deported on the 25 June 2007 on the 10H00 flight.
Above is their ref number.
Thank you
Siskazi Manjezi

Email: siskazi.[protected]

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Nov 11, 2018 6:50 pm

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Aug 21, 2018 4:25 am

How is an airport I am from Afghanistan travelling on Lufthansa flight one of g4s staff help me to show my gate to me he asked me for 50 dollar money I just check his pass and I say sorry his name is Muhammad Mahaz abdu qadir

May 08, 2018 7:33 am

One again I want confirm that please Muhammad mahaz abudul qadir he asked me for money because he just help me to show my gate to me so please take action on him . I ashamed on him what kind of mind he has ...?

May 08, 2018 7:29 am

I hope some one can take action on that man

Mar 02, 2017 10:30 am

I buy from online today but laptop was broken I need back my Mony I don't wan like tis laptop
Oder number #[protected]
Phone number [protected]
Plzzz call me


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