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Complaints & Reviews

stolen toy from checked in baggage

Hi! I was traveling from Orlando, FL by Untided to Washington, DC yesterday morning. When I got home yesterday afternoon and checked my suitcase I found that my kid's toy dog slinky, we boght at Disney, was stolen from my checked-in bagage. This is disgraceful. What am I supposed to tell my kid?
I would like for the toy to be returned to us.


My daughters and I were flying back home on Jan 18 2020 from a trip to Disney World. Never in my life have Ive got treated so poorly. This TSA totally humiliated me and what she did was totally unprofessional and uncalled for. Ive been waiting for 2 weeks now for someone to contact me over this incident from MCO. But now all my emails are being ignored and Im still waiting for someone to contact me over this incident. This also is very Unprofessional MCO.


This morning inside the Orlando Intl' Airport 3rd public foodcourt, I was harassed again by another GOAA goon employee who approached me with 2 officers because "they were checking for travelers" again. I was humiliated in public on the B side food court lounge chair as passengers all were looking in shock and aw. I had a Disney store meeting on the B side, but I arrived early so I bought a Starbucks drink and dozed a sleep from 5:50am until I got woken up by a tall black male GOAA employee wearing glasses, who did not address his name nor greeted me as he was questioning me with a rude attitude. As some. Disney store employees witnessed the GOAA employee and 2 officers harassing me with questions, I immediately showed them my ID and verification which by law I do not have to and am not obligated to do so! I will be contacting my fellow Disney executive offices today and file another complaint against GOAA for harassment and public humiliation!

security procedure

I have just gone through security on way to 1815 virgin Atlantic flight to Glasgow. I was travelling with my husband, 6 year old daughter and 4 year old son. My son had fallen asleep in buggy and I was told I had to lift him and put buggy through scanner which is fine. The wheels had to be removed from the buggy to fit it through. My issue is that when it came out the other side my husband was being searched and was being put back and forth through the scanner and was in a large queue. I was left holding a large sleeping 4 year old and no one would help me get the buggy off the belt. I managed to put the wheels back on but could not physically lift the buggy. I have a slipped disc in my back which is now causing me great pain. I have honestly never met such rude and unhelpful staff in my life. How any human being could stand and leave someone helpless like I was is completely beyond me. Every member of staff there needs a serious lesson in compassion and customer service. The way I was treated is disgusting.

individuals smoking in areas and lines waiting for shuttle bus pick ups.

Why is smoking allowed anywhere once you exit the airport to the shuttle bus (North, South, Mears, Hotel, etc) pickup areas. As soon as you exit the doors the entire area reeks of cigarette smoke walking to the bus pick up areas or waiting In lines.
Please ban smoking in these public areas as you have within the airport; individuals (young and old) should not be subject to 2nd hand smoke as soon as they exit the airport or walk/wait in lines for airport shuttle services.

name is maria

I flew in with my wife today October 3 around 8 pm I do not think this person should be in customer service, she was extremely rude and unkind to me and my wife . For me to take...

unethical behaviour/ ripoff

606978 On Wednesday August 7th I purchase a tickets from Orlando, To Cali Colombia with Avianca, (bussiness Class) With everything to do a Party for my niece; on Saturday August 10th ...

Spirit Airlines Flight NK423 from Boston 8/18/2019

I am on this flight now. This flight landed at 7:30pm 8/18/2019 and for the next hour has been stopped on the tarmac. According to the pilot the delay is due to awaiting another plane to move so this flight can get to the assigned gate. The cabin has become very hot. Passengers are becoming very vocal and hostile. I would like to suggest looking into the root cause of this problem and taking corrective action to ensure it does not keep happening. I would also like to suggest providing more options such as the ability to dock at a different gate when this happens again. This has personally cost me an important business opportunity already and I will be late for a second opportunity and that negative impact on me is very unsatisfactory. Please look into this incident and take corrective action. Thank you.

tsa security cop check bag line 8 gate 30 at 12:45 pm

We were trying to board our plane, spirt airlines and when we were going thru the check bag line, the security cop was delaying us from catching our plane on time. He skipped our bag over 4 times saying he had to take the bags in order. He kept going back to a bag that no one was claiming and we were telling him which bag was ours and informed him that we was gonna miss our flight and he still kept us standing there waiting while speaking to his coworkers. We missed our flight by 2 mins or less. We have no money to stay here and we r literally stranded at the airport till tomorrow morning. It's definitely the security fault.

size of toiletry items

I am getting on a flight this morning and I go through tsa and they tell me something is wrong with my bag so I go to the table for them to tell me what is wrong and they mean to tell me that I have items that are too big and are bigger then 3 oz. so then they take 3 things out of my bag and throw them away and they were never even opened I think this is bogus and it completely ticked me off


My family & I had a great vacation we got to the MCO airport on time heading back home to BWI. Until it turned out to be a horrific Sunday. While heading towards security check my family & I was asked by TSA for boarding passes along with our ID. I pulled out my Drivers License with boarding pass. The gentleman told me that my last name was different from the boarding pass. He asked did I have a passport or marriage license displaying my married last name. I told him no & my credit card is the only personal card with my married name on it. Than he proceeded to tell me he had to call someone to ask what to do. We waited for 20 mins with no resolution than another TSA gentleman came over to ask the same questions. He explained I had to go over the counter to speak with another TSA to fill out a name change form & sign/date it. My problem in this matter why didn't the first TSA tell us that in the beginning so we didn't have to wait so long. In the meantime my flight was leaving in the next 25 mins. I kept telling him we are going to miss our flight and they kept reassuring me that we had time and we will make it. That was an understatement, after all the inconvenience the TSA put my family & I through we ended up missing flight. The gate had closed 5 mins on our home!! I told the lady at Spirit what happened at TSA but the only option was to fly connect flight to Dallas, TX than to BWI. So my original flight from Orlando to BWI was suppose to be 1 hour 50 mins trip turned out for my family & I to a 5-6 hours flying!!! This whole situation could have been avoided if the TSA would have not kept us standing for 20 mins with NO solution. Instead hw should have alerted Spirit airlines of the situation. Their was NO compassion from TSA's in this matter, my family & I will never forget this horrific experience. My youngest daughter first time flying & she is now traumatized and don't want to fly again!!! My mother was in the wheelchair and was sickened by the treatment!! My oldest daughter also was traumatized. And as for myself I felt violated and discriminated from this whole incident. My family & I have the right to be compensated along with some type of an apology.

Orlando Airportsecurity check - terminal a

Interacted with the MOST rude security personnel on our way back from what was a great family trip. When reviewing my sister's ID and boarding pass, an individual tossed my sister's ID on the floor. Extremely rude and unprofessional when getting our baggage ready to be scanned. I have never been so unimpressed with the security staff in all of my travels.

MCO Orlando International Airporttsa screening / coffee shop near gate 10

First everything was smooth until I went through the scanner and I beeped. They pulled me back instead of checking me near my items which were in 2 tubs on the belt. I had no way of seeing them as they sat on the belt for 10 minutes unattended one which had a pocketbook and the other tub containing my iPad. Not only was I pulled aside but several more. This is poor practice and the TSA agent said don't worry there are cameras everywhere but yes there are, but that still doesn't stop people. They easily could've been taken while I was on the other side. I have traveled many places domestic and abroad. If you do get pulled aside, at least you have visual contact with your belongings. Poorly run there and this should not happen. Secondly, I visited a coffee kiosk today near gate 10. There are three young girls there working the kiosk. None of which they really understood ENGLISH. This is the US, not Mexico. I shouldn't have to speak Spanish for these girls to understand me. What's this country coming too. Please hire people that can speak our language please.

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security, signs, wait time, had to go through security twice, did not get our papers checked, etc, etc...

Took to line to get through customs and it.took far.too long - and after we purchased duty free, then they corralled us onto a train that took us to airport exit instead of our connecting gate and had to go back through security and they took our duty free purchase because of size but we had no opportunity to not go through security and have to throw away the liquor because our bags were already checked. As far as fhe airport owes us for the liquor that was taken because why did we.have fo be taken to security again??????? Worst airport experience ever! I literally will not come back to Orlando because of.your awful airport and terrible signs and terrible security and the fact.that you stole liquor from me. Terrible! Garbage!

security gates

April 23rd, 2019, my husband and I arrived at the Orlando International Airport, 3hrs prior to our flight to Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Our gate was 95, B terminal, the line-ups to security were extensive. As we waiting in line we read notices advising they were only accepting passengers departing within the next 2hrs. Our flight was not departing within the next 2hrs and we debated on stepping out of line. Luckily, we had decided to stay in line, as our line did NOT move at all for an hour.

The people behind us in line questioned a female TSA Officer walking by as to why the line was not moving. She stated it was busy and that's why they advise people to show up early for their flights. Furthermore, if they missed their flight as a result, they'd have to rebook. After everyone told her the line hasn't moved for an hour, and we all arrived early, she walked away, shrugging her shoulders. If my husband and I had shown up with the 2hr suggested time to arrive prior to our flight, we would have missed it. We needed that time to just get through security - ridiculous!

From the time we got in line and were through security, it had been an hour and forty minutes. We got to our terminal via the train with 25 minutes prior to our flight's boarding time.

I am currently 6 months pregnant, which was a big reason as to why we arrived so early. Planned on being able to sit down and eat before the flight and take our time. Instead, we were rushed and drained from the experience. Furthermore, there was a complete lack of concern shown by any airport staff or TSA Officer to get people through. How was it possible to be at a complete standstill in line for an hour? That entire experience truly put a damper on not only our day, but our vacation as well.

  • Kn
    kneelfist Apr 24, 2019

    I don't think your child is safe with you. You seem to have anger issues. You took your anger out on the wrong person. Hope your husband leaves you and takes the baby with you to keep it safe. You are probably one of those parents that would shake a baby just because it was crying.

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transportation of disabled persons

March 20th 2019. I am a 64 year old female who is disabled. I requested a wheelchair to meet me at check in with Norwegian airlines. We were picked up by a gentleman who proceeded to transport one other wheelchair at the same time; he was collecting us together when he hit me in the back with a stroller which belonged to the other person. He only spoke spanish so communication was very limited. We got to the gate eventually with the help of another person. While waiting to board the plane the same man hit me at the back of my ankle with another wheelchair. On my return visit on April 3rd we were met at the gate again with only spanish speaking people, while in a wheelchair the transporter proceeded to put my small case onto my legs hitting me causing pain to my lower legs. The wheelcahir leg on the right side was broken causing my left leg to rotate out and the case to fall causing pain. I did not like being left in hallways not knowing if anyone would return for me without any explanation. All in all the service for disabled persons at your airport was degrading and lacked consideration and left me feeling less than human.

service to food

My husband and I were inbetween flights. We went to this restaurant. The service was horrible. No call backs not even a refill on our drinks. We asked for more napkins and that never happened either. Our food came, and it was like we were eating a whole head of lettuce, and that was it. I would have written this earlier, but I just found the receipt.

customer seating at gates 75-80

As you know, Delta airlines uses gates 75-80 and then some at the end of the concourse. In most cases, these gates service large aircraft with many passengers. There is VERY little passenger seating, espeically for gates 77-79. We are told to get to the airport early and then all we can do is stand for an hour awaiting the aircraft to board. I think it is disgraceful.

I fly all over America all the time and see many airports. You could learn some things from MSP and the way they handle thinks. As you probably know for the last two years they have been voted the best airport in America. I agree.

Unfortunately, my experience at MCO was the big negative in our recent trip to Florida.
Dr. David Sorenson, Duluth, MN

shutdown tsa precheck line during holiday rush!!! unacceptable!

January 2, 2019, traveling on an evening flight out of MCO. The airport shut down the entire tsa precheck line and herded every single traveler into general security. The airport security staff were extremely rude and incompetent, making the line a lot worse, holding up the line and prolonging wait times for passengers. This was a horrendous experience given MCO knew this was peak travel season and they intentionally shut down all tsa precheck lines and created chaos and stress for travelers. For those that paid for tsa precheck, I find this unacceptable and a testament of the incompetence and poorly run airport that is Orlando International airport. Avoid this place at all cost until this airport gets their act together and joins the rest of us in the 21st century and appropriately staffs and maintains the TSA precheck lines.

tsa and hss

We came through baggage control (a long queue as expected) and asked Raul Aez (HSS) where the restrooms were he pointed to them and I proceeded to them with my 4 and 9 year old and grandma, when I went to go back to my 6 year old I was told I was not allowed and had to go back through passport check and baggage control, I had at this point not moved two steps from security and asked why? Ms Rodriguez said because I had passed the ‘clean' zone, I explained I walked to an officer asked where the toilet was and had taken a step past him, surely I could go back to the rest of my family? She insisted no as I had crossed the line? I have to say at this point, there were no signs and it was clear I had talked to an officer, there were 4 of them there watching us? Mr Reilly TSA, whom had also witnessed us walking from the baggage side to the officers insisted that yes we had to go through all of security again...I pointed out that my two other children were now ‘ the other side' as were my boarding passes, they insisted the 12 year old go get all our bags and that the four of us already passed had to queue again. I asked if they could take us back through to expediate things due to their mistake, but apparently not their problem, could we move on...Raul was visibly amused and Ms Rodrigues and Mr Reilly were rude. I am amazed that such behaviour to your customers is allowed and that ‘clean' and not ‘clean' zones are not marked or customers prevented from casually making one step over the line. In short, we have found Orlando to be one of the friendliest cities we have visited, but your officers were particularly obtuse and rude.

sunpass parking in terminal

About 5;45AM, 9th September 2018 I entered the parking garage using the Sun Pass prepaid entry gate like I have numerous times, the gate opened I parked and about 45 minutes later I departed and attempted to exit through the Sun Pass exit lane like I always do, but this time the gate did not open and the toll attendant immediately asked me for a receipt. I told her I never take a receipt when I used the Transponder in the Sun Pass lane and this was the reason I bought a transponder and have an opened credit card account with Sun Pass which is automatically refilled. I was told I would have to pay $17.00 if I could not produce a receipt. I complied and handed the attendant a $20.00 bill and received $3.00 change and the gate was then opened. I have been a Sun Pass holder for many years and used the Sun Pass lanes at OIA many times but this is the first this has happened. I feel that I should be liable for the 45 minutes of parking and the balance of my $17.00 returned. I was given a receipt by the attendant for the $17.00 and should be on file at OIA.


Jack Proctor
2125 McFarland Drive
Cocoa, Florida 32922
Phone [protected]

  • Si
    Sidney McKeel Dec 20, 2018

    I had the same problem last night. When I entered, the gate wouldn't open so I press the button on the controller and the gate opened. There was no receipt printed. When I existed, the gate wouldn't open and the attendant asked me for a receipt and I didn't have one so I had to pay cash. When I got home, I checked my Sunpass account and all tolls that I passed through on the way to the airport registered without any problem. I checked the airport parking Opt-In, Opt-Out options for all my transponders and every transponder was Opt-In. My conclusion is the problem was at the gate. There was nothing wrong with my transponder. Somehow, the sensor did not pick up my transponder. OIA needs to test the parking gates to make sure that the sensor picks up the transponder every time. They should also post a better sign and instructions. Although there was a sign saying to press a button to open the gate if it doesn't open automatically, there was no direction to retrieve a receipt when it does open after pressing the button. This allows OIA to charge a full day parking because a receipt could not be produced.

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boarding agent

To whom it may concern,
I am writing this letter about the horrible day my family had at your airport.
It started at 6:30 AM we went through security where they were taking their sweet time to get people through which resulted in us getting to our boarding gate at 6:50 AM for a 7AM departure on September 11, 2018 from MCO to DEN we were told they were sending someone out for us and they came back to tell us the plane left us and the next flight would be at 1:27 PM (EST) then it turned into an hour delay to 2:32 PM (EST) mechanical issues we then switched to gate 677 to board a new plane then the boarding girl (half black girl at gate 677 and male manager) from 2:32PM-4:00PM EST kept saying it would be 20 more minutes for an hour and a half and took their sweet time getting the refreshments and snacks boarded on the new plane. Let me add that we had barely any sleep the night before woke up at 4:30 AM and our plane left us and we had to sleep on the airport chairs where we received many ant bites from an infest of black ants all over the airport.
Back to our boarding experience which is my main reason for writing this letter, the lady that boarded us started asking for each level of people to board, she called for people in level 1 and many people formed a line to board then she was very rude and yelled over the intercom that if people didn't move that she would stop boarding the plane right now!
Instead of being polite she aggravated a crowd that was already aggravated from waiting hours she then said fighting words to me after I mentioned that she shouldn't be treating people that way and that she needed to do her job and keep boarding those nice people onto their plane and that she shouldn't be making rude comments over the intercom there were elderly people, disabled, and small children she held up everyone's time by trying to fight me physically and told me I would board last and my 10 yr old daughter was standing behind me and she rudely asked her if she was with me and told her she needs to move and made my daughter cry. I would like to get this girls name she was tan with long black curly hair in her 20's with a manager who is also black male.
The manager was also having a confrontation with a younger female and told her that he would be the mother [censored]er that would keep her from boarding the plane and got in this young girls face and made her tear her ticket and miss her flight.
This is unacceptable behavior and I want a follow up to be sure something is done about it.
My name is Laura Ramirez this was a frontier flight at gate 677 on September 11, 2018 about 4:00PM EST may I add the manager stepped in when the boarding agent got in my face and let us board the plane and said he would talk with me and never did the plane took off on its flight to Denver with no resolution.
This ruined my family's experience in your airport and makes us never want to fly through frontier again.
I look forward to a reply.
Phone: [protected]
Email: Laura.[protected]

baggage transfer

Travelled from London Gatwick on 14 September, all bags & stroller arrived at baggage reclaim, however we were told all had to be transported separately to be collected at B terminal, left them on the conveyor belt but only the bags arrived - no stroller. there was no one available to help, one airport baggage handler told us there is no way to find out what happened between arrivals & pick up at point B ( belt 29) Can you advise how we might be able to find it or claim for it? Thanks

2.20 hours waiting inside a plane to board the airplane because there was not a gate available after a 10 hour flight

on the 14th of July 2018, we travelled from Amsterdam to Orlando (MCO), with Delta airelines DL 0127. After a flight of +/- 10 hours with my family, and a delay of 47 min .in Amsterdam ( Schiphol aireport), we were very glad to arrive at oure vacantion destination! But we have experianced pour service from Orlando airport. We had to stay form 2 hours and 20 min in the airecraft, because there was no gate availble!

It is terrible, when you arrive at a round 8.00 PM and you can get off the plane at 10.15 PM! We have clomplained withe Delta airlines and they stated that it was a fault at the aire port. It was awfull waiting for a gate to get free, to start our summer holiday. I 'am claiming a compensation for the inconvience we had to suffer at the airport of Orlando

fees charged by ground transportation personnel for assistance

Southwest flight #925 was delayed and with absolutely no personnel available to assist wheelchair occupants, a random "Ground Transportation" person pulling a flatbed dolly offer...

Orlando Airportworker outside the airport

Saturday july 21st I was on a flight that landed at the Orlando International Airport coming in from Toronto numbered 1670which arrived at 11:19 am. As I was waiting for my assistance in getting to where I needed to go. I took a seat on a bench outside of the Air Canada sign where I thought it was safe for me to sit. I was located near doors number 27 to be exact and I got a shock of my life! That left me feeling very uncomfortable and not safe within this property. As I was sitting on the bench I saw a young/middle-aged African American man come and sit on the other side of the bench and as I was on video chat with my young daughter which I had to hang up rapidly and quickly due to this awful situation. I felt the bench shaking I then turned and see this man had his private part out of his pants making hand motions up and down making direct eye contact with me. I could not get up at the time because I'm a tourist and I'm still unfamiliar with the airport without any assistance. where to go but when this man began to call out to me saying "ma'am, ma'am look at me, do you want to see this" I jumped up out of shaken and began to tell him how disrespectful and disgusting it was and he then began to quickly walk away. I noticed he was wearing navy blue pants with a bring orange shirt and had an ID tag attached to his arm but he was moving quickly I could not see. Once I went inside I notified security and they said they will look for him. With this being said I feel like I cannot even enjoy my stay in Orlando due to unforeseen circumstances that have happened. I feel uncomfortable during a time that is supposed to be relaxing. I am a frequent flyer to Orlando Florida who comes often per year, This situation has left me shocked and frightened and made me not want to fly to the Orlando airport due to feeling unsafe to a worker who is supposed to be there to help me as a customer. This makes myself as a frequent flyer not fly to this airport ever again in my whole life, I believe this situation was the worst thing as a woman could ever experience especially when a woman is alone and not even from the city or state.

-I hope to hear from you soon and I hope this will never happen to a woman like myself again.

wheelchair service

606978 Hi my name is Maribel Manzano I was traveling from mco to New York yesterday 7/14/2018 @ about 10:30 am I was a sign a wheel and the lady that push the whairchair was not very...

traffic cop

I was loading bags in my vehicle and she insisted for me to go around. I advised her My bags were being dragged out by my children when I turned to help my kids she startrf taking pictures of my vehicle. I asked her what she was doing. Dhe would not reply. I proceeded to take pucs of her to file a complaint and fight any ticket in court if thatcwhats she was doing. This occurred on 06/05/2018 at approximately 0015 by AA arriving flights. I would appreciate those camera video being reviews in this person coached and trained on her treatment of guests arriving at MCO. Any citation given will be fought in court and harassment charges will be filed. James Zirulnik. Blue toyota corolla

traffic cop
traffic cop
traffic cop


I am offended by the Cable news network broadcasts. They are 90% negative against o ur current sitting president President Trump. I cannot go anywhere by gate 105 today and not hear it.

Try subscribing to OAN for unbiased news. In addition, mute the broadcast and use closed captioning. Otherwise, I prefer no news if you must.

One America News broadcasts unbiased news. I am sick of going everywhere and hearing negative things about our President when he has done so much in the first 18 months of his term.


My brother flew in from Memphis Tennessee on Friday Night on Frontier Airlines on May 11, 2018, with no Problems. When he left on Sunday morning heading back to Memphis and went through security he was treated with no respect. A month ago he lost a big toe due to diabetes and was in a wheel chair. The security personnel told him to take his shoes off. He told them that he could not unwrap his foot because to the amputation, then then searched his bag. He had his medicine, insulin and two water bottles, snacks and additives for his water that had not been open. They made him throw away the water, snacks and additives before he went through, which I do understand that. They put everything back in the bag, but there was a lady behind him and they put my brothers insulin in her bag and not his, luckily the lady realized this and went to get my brother and told him that his insulin was put in her bag and that it was at the security gate, so he had to go back and get it, THANK GOD FOR THAT LADIES HONESTY. I think that your employees need to be retrained on bag checking and if they are going to empty them then they need to make sure that the items go back in the right one, this could of been very serious for him, due to his diabetes. SHAME ON THEM.

  • Ch
    Chuck Judy Dec 23, 2018

    I agree. I have, unfortunately, had to travel through MCO in the last 3 months, on business in Florida. I travel all over the country, and in my experience TSA at MCO is the worst. There is a consistent sense of rudeness and lack of professionalism.

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  • Mrs Bean Dec 23, 2018

    The additives should have been ok. But they do have rules about water bottles. Empty is fine, you can fill them up once you get passed security.

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Following a nine and a half hour flight from Britain, not for the first time, we were kept waiting 30 mins on the aircraft and another two hours in the immigration hall with no...

stolen items from checked baggage

Arrived at MCO around 1:00pm on March 30th to fly spirit airlines on B side terminal flight number 422 flying into Boston ma. When I checked my bag in, spirit employee claimed my...

security process

The security checkpoints at Orlando are inefficient and reflect complete uprofessional behavior.

This week, we observed at least 4 Security lanes closed with over a 1 hour wait. During this time, at any given moment, at min 6 TSA agents would be standing around chatting. It was clear there was no interest within the TSA group to help improve the situation. If anything, their actions and words reflected a complete non-interest in improving the situation.

Additionally, the "feed" lanes are not balanced - with lanes cutting off the flow of other lanes. Add the poor attitudes of many of the agents - given a few exceptions - and the experience was overwhelmingly frustrating for myself and the hundreds of people around me.

security process
security process
security process
security process

shuttles between gates caused me to go through security twice!

My husband and I were flying out of gate 32 and arrived with plenty of time, but our flight was delayed 2 hours, so we thought we would explore other gate areas for restaurant...

revive store at gate 92

I bought a lemonade for $4.25and gave the girl a $20 bill and a quarter. She gave me back $6. I told her I gave her a $20 bill. She insisted I gave her a ten. I only had $20 bills in my wallet. I said again that I gave her a $20, she continued to insist I gave her a $10, and pulled a 10 dollar bill out of the till to show me. But it was just a ten that was in her till, she could have pulled out anything and said it was what I gave her. I asked if there were cameras, she said no. I said I didn't just pay $15 for a lemonade. I walked off because I was furious that she ripped me off


I was on my way to Florida and I had a new bottle of my expensive wash and security said nothing about it because it's a cream. Although, on my way home they took a whole new bottle that was used twice, which is completely ridiculous because they didn't take it the first time. How do you expect teenagers to not bring toiletries on their trip? I should not have had my wash taken away and I would appreciate a change here.

long lines that barely move

What the hell? I got here hours before my flight to be met by a line that looks like that of a rock concert. Is this how you practice business? How do you maintain success with such deplorable services? I am absolutely stunned that there are at least 1000 people on this line!!! What the hell is going on here? If I ever miss this flight, so help me god, there will be an escalation, I am connected with the FAA and will not hesitate to bring this to the highest authorities to have this behavior investigated and corrected. Look at the picture I attached, you should be ashamed.

long lines that barely move

almost everything

Got to the airport 2 hours early. I spent over 45 min looking for parking. Once inside I saw a line that must of had at least 500 people in it. I asked an airport employee if the line was for check-in and they said yes. I told her if it's not the right line it's going to see me late for my flight and she insisted I stay in line. When I got to the front 30-40 min later it was the wrong line. I had to go to the Frontier Airline desk which took more time and I missed my flight. $100 more to find a different flight. The people at frontier didn't check in my luggage which I carried around the airport until boarding. At the gate there were at least 5 employees milling about the desk and no one paid any attention to the line of people waiting for help. The instructions they gave over the loudspeaker were drowned out and difficult to understand because the English version was sandwiches between their instructions in other languages. Every employee I had interaction with was rude or at the least, impatient and uncaring. Worst airport experience ever. Will never use Orlando airport or frontier airlines again.

orlando airport tsa

Most unorganized TSA process. People are rude, unprofessional and downright disrespectful. They man handle you pulling people from one line to another missed my flight bc they...

wait times, stuck on plane!

Having spent over 9 hours on a delayed flight ( by over 2 hours) we are informed on arrival we have to circle round and wait on tarmac for nearly another hour, held at gate also as immigration can't let us in due to the reduction in size of customs.
Once off the plane another hour getting through immigration due to the volume of people.
Once again the same issues on my way home, waiting hours for our plane as this is obviously a continuing knock-on effect.
This is an awful service from a major airport.