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Regarding Annual Fee Charges for my Credit Card Number 4573********5405.

Just to inform you that I am using Dubai First Credit Card for more than 15 years and not even single time I was in default. Also this Mile card was provided from Dubai First. I have not requested for this card.

Attached screen will show how many times i was following up for my Annual Fee Charges Reversal & Air Mile Redemption.

On 10th December 2018, i raised query to know when will be my annual fee is due to ensure that i will cancel my card before it will get charged. I received update that in February 2019 it will be due.

In return I received offer that i can get free for life credit card and my existing card will be cancelled. I requested that is it possible to carry forward my pending air miles to new card but i received feedback that it's not possible and it's better to redeem my air miles so i have requested not to issue new credit card till i redeem my air miles.

I was keep on trying online to redeem my air miles but due to system issue i was not able to redeem air miles so on 10th February i raised complaint for the same. When i call customer service number i have been told to submit the error screenshot which i did on 14th February 2019. I was keep on following for the update but i received feedback that once IT issue resolved i will receive a call but i did not receive any call. Before the system issue get resolved i get charged for the annual fee.

Again i call customer service number and informed them about my issue and received update that somebody will call me to resolve the issue. After several follow-up i received call from Ms. Jacklin that she will look in to it and will get back to me. She asked me that will it be possible to spend AED 4000 pm for 2months so that she can request for the annual fee reversal. I explained her that it was not my fault but still i cannot commit for 4000 but minimum i can spend AED 2000 pm so in 2 months i will spend AED 4000. She informed me that she will check & get back to me.

Again i was keep on following up with her and called her couple of times but she informed me that she is waiting for the management approval.

17th April2019 i received call from Jacklin and she informed me that management has proposed 2 solution
Option 1 - 50% waiver of annual fee or Option 2 - i will receive 50000 air miles and i have to pay my annual fee.

I informed her that i will not accept this offer as it's not my fault so she told me that i can call customer service number and raise complaint which i did on 17th April 2019 itself.

I received a call from customer care department Mina and he also propose the same offer which was provided by Jacklin. I told him the same that i am not interested in the proposed solution and requested to reverse my annual fee.

The reason for not accepting the proposed offer because it is not my fault. If you check the history i was keep on following to cancel my card to avoid the annual fee and still i get charged

Appreciate your help & support to resolve this issue.


Dubai First
Dubai First

May 09, 2019

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