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A du agent in front of a grocery store approach me and offer me a free sim card last ramadan(2019). I didnt hesitate when he told me its an offer from du since its ramadan. So he ask me some information and take pic of my ID. Ask my salary and i said 2k. He said, no worries ill take care of it. Sending some infor to his contact.. and when their done, he advice me to say i have 3k salary when an agent called me. After all transaction, and after signing thats when he told me i need to pay for it 200+ monthly. Im really disappointed. So after that i went to the nearest du outlet which is in al ghurair. The costumer service give me advice to take the 1 month free and consume 1 month before cancelling. So for that u need to pay like AED 400 for the 1month and cancelation fee. Unfortunately i wasnt able to cancel and pay the 1month of usage due to financial issue. I received a msge when they cut the service after 2 months. But i was surprice today because i received again another sms telling me that i need to pay aed 986???.. i am no longer using the sim card, why do i need to pay such amount??.

Oct 02, 2019
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      Oct 10, 2019

    I met two men of Asians nationality in Feb and we're well identified as Du agents, thy told me how Du has got offer that will last for two years and was told to make only payment of 150Aed, the first month to get offer. Because it appeared friendly to me, the payment of 150AED to last for years, as any person was convinced to take line from them.What made me run insane is when Du customer service called telling me to pay for second month, on complaing at Du outlet, thy told me its contract and lasts for two years of which to cancel you have to pay fee of 1500AED, So imagine acleaner who gets 800AED as salary and has to feed. Plz, this act is so evil in my point of view and I condemn it. I request this so called contract to be cancelled because it's putting me on stress, I wake up and think about Du and I go to bed thinking about same stuff.I have been patient for all this time. But I'm fed up.

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