AlfaSent Complaints & Reviews

Alfasent / lost (probably stolen package) and poor compensation

May 22, 2018

I ordered a phone in the UK in January and had Alfasent send it to me in France. They used DPD as a courrier but it got lost on the way as they told me (Alfasent or DPD probably stole it). I struggled for 4 months with them and DPD and, they offered me a 74£ compensation for a 799£ phone. If you don't want to throw away your money, dont use Alfasent

AlfaSent Limited / services

Mar 07, 2018

Hi, I have used the Alfasent services for a few months to send items to Spain. 3 of the items has never arrived to my address. I have claimed to Alfasent support service and they just write you messages that does not say anything They just let the time pass, without giving any solution and...

AlfaSent Limited / Services

Apr 26, 2016

Do NOT use Alfasent. There are several reports online about customers never receiving their packages. They used to operate under a different name, which later was changed for Alfasent. They will also SPAM you everyday with emails, 3 to 4 days a day although you might cancel your account...

Alfasent / no customer service, no way to ship to UK

Jan 14, 2015

1) They claim to offer a repackaging service. But they dont - the quote they end up with six items (not repackaged) is more than double that that Parcelforce can do with some basic repackaging. 2) There is zero customer support - 3 email question from me over 2 weeks - zero response 3) there... / Missed defect on a product

Dec 01, 2013

I used for one of my online purchases, they were supposed to receive my order from another website and make sure that everything is alright with it. They received my order and confirmed that it is ok. After I got it I discovered that there were several defects that should have...