DUteam leader nasma and cs guy bishal

M Jul 25, 2019

[protected] cut of service though I have credit.
[protected] on Bishal who took the call from 0559800924 on 24th of July 2019 who totally IGNORED My complain and didn't even make the complain. As I told him to fix service. So I called again and made an official complaint through "Israa" she was perfect and knew what to do.. gave me complaints numbers as mentioned above.
The service had been cut for 24 hrs and I lost many deals and didnt get back unless I paid again 200drhs today.
When I called again to the team leader "Nasma" she told me that you are wrong, you should've told them yesterday its allocation issue!!! And I will pay you back 11 drhs as a COMPENSATION!!! Thats all I can do and sorry for your lost deals for which reason I always have credit in my Du account.. or you can go to our office directly!! If you want a good compensation..
1st call on 6pm - Bishall who ignored me
2nd call on 11pm - Israa gave me complaints numbers.
1st call on 3AM - khalid who left me waiting for 52 mins.. no call back battery died
2nd call 4AM - mohammed said the leader will call me at 9AM and DIDN'T..
3d call Khalid transferred me to Leader BASMA whom DISRESPECTED MY COMPLAIN!!

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