DriveTime / Class Action against DriveTimesold me a lemon 🍋

L Aug 07, 2018 Review updated:

I bought a 2011 Ford Fusion back in 2017 and from the day I got it everything was just falling apart. It started with the battery in the car, then I found out that It was programmed so if I did anything above 60 it will ding and my music wouldn't go loud as well. I called them and ask for a key and he said I had to buy one from the ford dealership. After a day I got it I started noticing that the door panel was a bit wobbly. So a couple of months later I was getting out of my car and the whole door panel just came off ( really embarrassing). Then Bridgecrest harassed me for $2.00 damnn dolllars. Calling me and my co signer back to back. I am all in for THIS LAW SUIT!!! [protected]


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      Oct 29, 2018

    You agreed to an arbitration clause waiving your right to any class actions. Lemon laws do not apply to used vehicles.

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