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An absolutely appalling standard of service from this company. First of all they have they audacity to charge a delivery fee of £29 or £32 depending upon whether you want the bed dumped at your door or taken upstairs. Delivered the bed on the day they said they would, except the bed did not have any bolts or screws with which to build it. Told by customer services they would be sent that day and I would receive them the next - next day no sign! Phone call the next day asking if I would like to organise a date for my double bed to be delivered? Confused - you bet! Customer services again, parts will be sent out today, be with you tomorrow - next day, still no sign. Customer services again, demanded refund and that they send someone to collect the lumps of wood they delivered, told I was not entitled to a refund as I did not have a faulty product just an incomplete one! Letters have been sent to Chief executive and directors of the company allowing them to call asap or they shall be reported to trading standards. The sooner this company are severely affected by the credit crunch the better!


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Nov 11, 2008 8:45 am

I feel your pain entirely.

Ordered £1000 worth of bed and received exactly on time - that's where all hell broke loose:

Bolts and assembly instructions included were for a completely different bed. Called Customer Services and they offered £70 compensation and delivery of the bolts in 3 days. Not entirely satisfied with this I called the store and spoke to the manager who sold us the bed. An absolute star - he called the warehouse while I was still on the phone and demanded that they deliver the correct package the following day (Sunday) as he knew they'd be in the area.

£70 up and bolts the next day - I was more than happy to spend the night on the floor.

Next day they turned up on time again and delivered...a slatted base. With no bolts. They claimed total ignorance of the actual problem and said they were told to swap the bed base and nothing else. Called the warehouse and asked them to send bolts and instructions the next day. Night 2 on the floor. Bearing in mind my wife is pregnant.
The following day the store manager tells me he's personally going to the warehouse and will bring the bolts back to us. Sure enough, he's given bolts - TO THE WRONG BED. He actually dismantled the display bed in his store and gave me those fixtures. Sadly it was an older model and these bolts don't fit either. Night 3.

Today I have called Customer Services again to find out what happened to the bolts I ordered on the delivery day, 3 days ago. They were never ordered. What's more, I was offered £70 worth of Dreams vouchers NOT cash. Why they think I'm ever going to shop with them ever again I don't know.

Night 4 on the floor this evening - let's hope the promised couriered bolts turn up tomorrow and actually fit.


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