Dreams Plc/ Longwater, NorwichMissed delivery and poor customer service


My Wife and I originally purchased a "made to order" 6ft bed frame in the Dreams Plc store in Longwater, Norwich on the 01-08-12 for £879. Several days later (there was a problem with the system at time of purchase that would not allow booking of a delivery) we were given a delivery date of 17-08-12. I have now discovered the frame is now for sale at £479? I called the dreams customer service number after approx. an hour of being on hold. I was told that there is nothing they can or will do about it and price changes are covered in the contract I have signed (I have not signed a contract) Further they will not be able to deliver the product on the original delivery date due to warehouse stock issues (although the bed was sold by the salesman as a made to order product) and also they can not give a new date at this time. I have been instructed that if I "want a new date" I will have to contact them again in a weeks time to be given a new delivery date! When making enquiries at the store today, the store manager shouted at my pregnant wife he did not have time to deal with her complaint as they are busy with a sale on! and he will "call, when he is free and good and ready"


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