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Empowr / about log in to empowr

Sep 25, 2019

I could not log in my empowr account after a long time. Complaints board send me my email : [protected] with password. But could not log in still. help me. Pls disclose my account if it is blocked. I want to continue. So I hope that you would be kind enough to do it in my favour. Thanks Zulkar Nain Ahmed Dhaka, Bangladesh moblie no. +[protected]

Empowr / regarding cash out

Sep 23, 2019

Dear Sir, I am a registered Member of Empowr.I was informed tat I have $54, 985, 622.17. in my Account, and asked to cash out by Activating my Account by adding ether to my ether value, I did it, and Now when I tried to cash out, they are telling that not no matured coins are there, they are...

Empowr / payment and completing account

Aug 31, 2019

EmpowrDear Sir, I am a member of per the past one year.Now I am asked to complete my account, by verifying my Mobile number, in order to that, I have been trying, to add my mobile number in their prescribed form on line, but every time, there is an error, showing that, do it...

Empowr / I would like to about below message is it correct?

Aug 30, 2019

Hi Shimul Biswas, You have received a private message: Subject: q Dear Winner, Congratulations! You have won the sum of €500, 000.00 (Five Hundred Thousand Euros only) from our 2019 EMPOWR yearly Sweepstakes Promotion. Your Empower Username ID/Email Address was one of the selected User...

Empowr / empowr winner

Jul 25, 2019

Please i want to confirm if the below inform ation is correct Congratulations you are one the winners on empowr lottery award winning 2019 and send your full name, ticket number, serial number, phone number, address, Country, please i was asked to pay 190 pounds before i can receive the winning prize

Empowr / inaccessible accounts or control over them

Jun 09, 2019

For well over a year my original account, speakerholis, has been inaccessible to me. Another account, John McCreery, is what is sent to me through an email that is mine. However, in all that time and many coaches, no one has ultimately been able to get me my account back or eliminate the...

Empowr / I am not able to transfer my empowr earning into my bank account.

May 16, 2019

Dear sir/ madam This is with reference to the cash out amount. I need to withdraw my earnings directly into my bank account. I tried a lot but I am not able to transfer please please help me out to transfer my earnings into my bank account at your earliest. Please please sir/madam please I need...

Empowr / refund my amount

Mar 16, 2019

EmpowrHello Sir/Madam, Subject: Complaint against Empowr- refund my amount 18 transition done in Paypal or HDFC bank, attached Screen I am Shadab and Lives in Indore MP India. In 2017 Empowr auto withdrawal amount in my account date by this company. 501 West Broadway suite a182, San...

Empowr / Refund my amount

Feb 16, 2019

EmpowrHello Sir/Madam, Subject : Complaint against Empowr- refund my amount 18 transition done in Paypal or HDFC bank, attached Screen I am Shadab and Lives in Indore MP India. In 2017 Empowr auto withdrawal amount in my account date by this company. 501 West Broadway suite a182, San...

Empowr / scam thiefs

Jan 26, 2019

I joined empowr few years ago, I became a top seller, selling my items on the marketplace. I sold to 25 different customers all over the world, in total my stock I sold cost me £5, 000 including postage. I never saw any of my owed money. Instead whenever money was matured, empowr automatically...

Empowr / withdrawing money

Jan 16, 2019

I am new to this. I have pre-coins and the website says I have funds to withdraw but I don't know how do I do that. I want to know how to withdraw cash. I don't know how to create an account on enther wallet as well. There is no proper information published! I want to know how do I...

Empowr / complete account

Jan 11, 2019

My account is [protected], so when I send my phone number I don't receive the code to continue, I am from algeria and what I have to do my url of profile is My second complaint is about my...

Empowr / payment

Jan 09, 2019

My original phone number cant be comfirmed when in process of cashing out. Am in uganda and my phone number is +[protected]. Basically I have ever done a withdraw on this very account and used the same credentials. What could have gone wrong with my cashing out issue from my account? It...

Empowr / about mobile registration

Dec 12, 2018

EmpowrDear Sir my name is Anurag Tiwari please help me I try many time for registration in empowr but not success what can I do I use three operator idea, Jio, and Vodafone but my registration not successful please help me I many times contact to our success coach but no response from succe...

Empowr / buna ziua!

Dec 10, 2018

sant jucator empowr Cristea Grigorie Daniel, de peste 9 ani, incepand din 08.12.2018 nu ma pot loga, cu numarul meu de telefon, orange, numar vechi de peste 10 ani, acelasi. Locatia mea este normala in Romania, Hunedoara, str Carpati nr 2, ap 33, CP331032, corecta pe empowr si tel. De un an de...

Empowr Finacial Department / my due cashout

Oct 13, 2018

Urgent Urgent To Empowr President. Dear Sir This is a photo copy of a check Supplied to me by Fanbox/Empowr as due cashout on Dec6 2013 i.e after my application to them. The said check unfortunately I could not process it due to conditions beyond my control i.e checks in...

Empowr / power subscription

Oct 03, 2018

Hello, my power subscription was upgraded on the 30th of September to a red star subscription, $1 250 000. Why was so much taken, I would have understood if it was for a pearl star subscription, that is currently going for about $250 000. I think this is really unfair, can this power...

Empowr / empowr coin is worthless!

Aug 26, 2018

I have stuck with for more than three years and allowed them to charge me up too $99 per month to be at the founder level only to log in a week ago and find that my balance had plummeted from over one million dollars to 40k as of a few days ago. It's bad enough that the empowr...

Empowr / where has all my money gone

Aug 22, 2018

I had a balance of over $6500.00, where has all my money gone, cancel my account immediately and issue me a refund on the funds i have poured down this bottomless well. why did you transfer everything into Bitcoin and manage to lose every cent, it's incompetance of the highest level. Stop...

Empowr / recover my empowr account (purkait. [protected] as soon as possible

Aug 15, 2018

I, Anup Kumar Purkait, joined Fanbox/Empowr 9 month ago. I do not know that anybody have created extra two empowr account in this month. My account balance have reduced every day. My success coach Ms. Sudeshna Dasgupta have been sent the message two days before that my account have been...

Empowr / account was deleted for [protected] for no reason

Aug 01, 2018

I, Mr. Frankie Carter, joined Fanbox/Empowr 4 years ago. I paid IPL fees for 4 years. I signed up more than 30 people. I became the highest level power user available, Sky Blue. I sold many items in the Marketplace. I kept profits in my Empowr balance for charges due Monthly. 2. My account...

Empowr / missing money

Jul 24, 2018

I used to go to every month or so. I had accumulated over $6000 I believe. I look today and my account has $628.14. Why has this happened? If I knew better, I would have requested a payout. I did not know this was possible. I also have been purchasing extra something for the...

Empowr / my amount deducted 5 times

Jul 07, 2018

EmpowrMy email is [protected] now while validating my account with paypal, amount has been deducted 5 times from my bank account instead of once.why this happened???i wany my extra deducted amount back.i want to know my this happened ??is it legitimate??????i want my refund for extra 4...

Empowr / empowr password reset and earnings restoration

Jun 22, 2018

EmpowrI have forgotten my empowr password after a long time not logging in, but I have not recieved a single email of password resetting instructions using the forgot password option. I still have an emails proving I have an empowr balance of $2265 when I tried signing up the same email hopinh it... / misleading company

May 30, 2018

I have had 2 accounts with empowr... First accout I had 6, 000 this was 2/2016 ending 11/2016... Empowr terminated my account due to asking questions due to comments post on empowr by empowr citizens...2/17 I opened another account by my surprise nothing has changed... My account days my earnings of 4, 600 is fully matured... I have not seen one cent

Empowr / money deduction

May 30, 2018

This empowr is a really fake! All these mother [censored]. Why do you always dedicated money without any permission or nothing that i bought from list in empowr. And i have been deactivated my empowr account for 5 months ago but still money deducted from my account through paypal. Stop thi...

Empowr / deducted my money from my paypal after cancellation.

May 23, 2018

Hi Empowr, I hope that you can settle the following as soon as possible. Refund back the money that you have deducted in my Paypal from Jan to Feb 2018. I have been sending email to you and never hear your response. This is the 2 Transaction that deducted from my PayPal without my...

Empowr / my money has been deducted from my account without my permission.

May 21, 2018

This is krishna my account has been debited 50 US dollars without my permission and I have requested for a refund 20 days ago but they haven't responded till now if I don't get my money in my account asap i'm gonna to book a compliant in cybercell which is very caring about us in our city...

Empowr / unauthorized deduction!stole money out of my paypal account without permission

May 14, 2018

EmpowrI had got on my online banking account last night and had a pending transaction of $25.00 from PayPal *empowr. I want my money back ! It must be a scam or something that hack...unauthorized deduction!stole money out of my paypal account without permission ! On May 14th empower has deducted...

Empowr / lack of air drop, and non payment of $558 mission wheel coin sin

Apr 20, 2018

Re today's airdrop. I had my wallet, with the equivalent of €60 worth of Etherium in it (over the minimum amount required) set up two weeks ago. I had a public address, registered on my profile account, and had listed it in the required place so that empowr 'knew of its existence'. Thi...

Empowr / cashing out

Apr 17, 2018

Im on your platform for like a year or two. And i have 2.5 tohusand dollars on my account. It says i have to wait 90 days for my profits to mature, but like i said its been two years since i started to earn. Please help. Its alot of money and i could really use it. Im quite poor and I...

Empowr / inquaire

Apr 11, 2018

Dear Empowr team I would like to about below message is it correct ? Hi Amzad Hossain, You have received a private message: Subject: Congratulations from Empowr Admin Team!!! You have been declared one of the lucky winners in year 2018 empowr final summit and general lucky draw. Your total...

Empowr / unauthorized payment for my account

Apr 06, 2018

EmpowrHello, I have created an account on After I linked my PayPal account the amount '-$70.00 USD (equals -₹4, 786.80INR)' to this account. got debited from my bank account. Why the amount got debited? I have already sent an.. I gonna...

Empowr / refund of my money

Mar 18, 2018

As I requested a refund from my success coach or previous success coach now but instated of refunding or replying to my message, he just transferred my account to an another success coach. As I am going through my financial crisis, every penny does count for me. At the time of registration...

Empowr / possible identity theft

Mar 12, 2018

When I looked at my empowr account on March 11, 2018, the wrong name was posted at the top but my posts were from me. My name is not correct. It had someone else's name. The posts were from me for several months. The account was fine the last time that I had looked at it in January. I have...

Empowr / stealing my finds

Jan 22, 2018

I worked on your site and had 2K after platform fees and want to be paid. I had bee working for them for six months and they showed on their site that they owe me, but instead they charged my (for verification purposes only Visa Card) $100 and have me paying to work for them. This company...

Empowr / removing money from my account

Jan 22, 2018

I had got on my online banking account last night and had a pending transaction of $30.00 from PayPal *empowr. Never heard of this, I do have a pay pal account but I don't ever use it ! But I have never heard of empwr. And I want my money back ! It must be a scam or something that hack...

Empowr / 30$ debited from my account

Jan 17, 2018

EmpowrHello, I have created an account on After I linked my PayPal account the amount '-$30.00 USD (equals -₹2, 016.33 INR)' to this account. got debited from my bank account. Why the amount got debited? I have already sent an...

Empowr / fraud

Jan 15, 2018

1/15/18 Hello, I believe that someone has fraudulently used my email address to set up an account on your platform. I received emails from you today and I have never used your platform before. When I went to your site to investigate it automatically logged me into an account with the...

Empowr / regarding non receipt of 1500 usd power user refund in my paypal account from empowr which I early cashed out more than 2 months ago

Jan 03, 2018

Hi there, I was shocked when Empowr deducted 1500 USD from my PayPal account on 21/08/2017 in the name of Power User charges. With much difficulty, the refund was available for early cashout and I early cashout this refund on 13/10/2017 i.e. more than 2 months ago. But Empowr have still...