Domino's Pizzaweb order / delivery service

Over the years we have ordered untold pizzas from dominos. I dread to think how much we have spent over this time.

Sadly today we will no longer use their service.

We ordered today, and once again one of our sides did not arrive. This has happened 4 out of six of our last orders this year.

It seems odd that this is only happening since our branch has moved location.
I can't understand how difficult it is to ensure when customers place an order that the correct order leaves the shop.

The young man did apologise and asked us to ring the shop and it would be sent out. I'm sure you understand that when it's happened on numerous occasions this wasn't a viable option for us. And that it would be a minimum of 30 minutes to arrive.

I wish Dominos well for the future and hope that they do not lose anymore customers.
Sadly we have to look elsewhere.

Kind regards

Mr S Grant

Sep 29, 2019

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