Dominos W.Rockville Rd Indianapolis,Ind. 462412 large specialty pizza's,2 parmesean twists and 2 liter.

I Aug 04, 2018

Made the online order at 9:03pm.
The online tracker said my pizza wasn't made for 15 mins after I place the order.
It kept referring to the name Curry and according to the tracker it said my pizza was out of the oven and ready for delivery at 10:01 at 10:04 I get a call from a employee that said I can come pick up my pizza because their drivers were on a 3 hour backlog for deliveries.
3hours I asked. So I said Yea I can come get it.
The girl said ok it'll be ready in about 45 mins. I was like 45 mins the tracker said it was out of the oven and ready for delivery.
She said Nope we never even made it.
And she proceeded to tell me if I had a issue to call Corporate Office on Monday.
I will Never Ever call Domino's Pizza Ever Again.
Worst service ever.

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