Domino's Pizzamy wife's employer

C Aug 11, 2018

James at Domino's Pizza in Saint Mary's PA was refused a brake after being scheduled to work over 5 hours yesterday she worked 2- close with no Break. She also shows up 1 hour early and stays late willingly. Earning more hours but he said he's cutting her hours because she made a couple minor mistakes. Instead of teaching her. He did this to her co-worker as well who quit because of it. These are illegal and goes against the fair wages act it's also goes against descrimination. As one of her co-workers was promoted to manager when she herself makes more mistakes than Sara. Not to mention that this co-worker has only been there for 4 months herself.

  • Updated by Christian Vance · Aug 11, 2018

    Also he illegally fired me when I missed work after being informed I cannot work early mornings due to a sleep disorder he continued to schedule me too early knowing I cannot work early and fired me because of it.

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