Domino's Pizzaemployee

K Aug 05, 2018

Late last night I ordered pizza for pu and they said 20 mins...i arrived and decided to wait in the car as im watching my partner walk in to pay he uses his card so the lady helping him ran the order through the debit machine walks away to the kitchen part eats a wing throws the bone away grabs paper towel wipes mouth and hands with the dry paper towel, goes back to my partner gives him the debit receipt and then walks over to the dough and starts handling the dough and making a pizza...i was watching the whole time..the delivery guy xame out so i told him..he said they have hand sanitizer and if i had a complaint to do something, i didn't hear him...then he sped off very fast for another delivery. She did not use hand sanitizer. Even if she did this is not proper food handling..i have concerns regarding food safe...also by the time i was home (4 mins away) my pizza was only a little warm and didnt seem fresh. Very substandard I was very disappointed.
I googled and found this for complaints.

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