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T Aug 06, 2018

I filed a complaint about the following matter with the store manager. She assured me that I would hear from corporate and that these matters are taken seriously. I did not hear anything from Dominos. About 3 weeks after this incident I was heading Eastbound on Bond at Stockton when this same vehicle ran the light in the turn lane heading southbound onto bond and sped off. Apparently this is a bit of the culture there at Domino's and I should not expect any action.

Tonight I was driving with my children westbound on bond just past Waterman. As I was about to pull adjacent to a car in the other lane, a third vehicle, with a Dominoes Pizza logo on top, whizzed through the gap between us and accelerated on. I tried to catch up to the car and realized I was up to 75 miles per hour and the car was still pulling away from me. As I slowed I noticed the car a 1/4 mile in front of me pull into the Jack in the Box parking lot at the North east corner of Bond and Elk Grove florin. I pulled in circled around and saw the driver pull up in front of a Domino's Pizza store. I pulled up next to him and told the guy he was driving somewhere in the neighborhood of 80 miles in a 45 mi zone. The driver looked at me and asked very sarcastically, "AND?" I informed him that he nearly cut me off with my children in the car. He then again stated, "And?". I got out of my car and walked into the store and requested the name of the manager. The gentleman behind the counter identified himself as Elijah. He told me he was the manager. I informed him what was going on and told him I wanted to make a complaint. He said, "Okay". He did not ask anything further. I asked him how the process worked and he said, "Well were closed." I then asked for the general managers name and he stated, "We don't give that name out." I asked how to get in touch with the manager and he pointed to a corporate number on the counter and told me to call that number. I was unsatisfied with the answer and realized he was clearly trying to back the employee. I asked him again for a pen and piece of paper and he stated, " You are not my boss I don't have to give you anything." I noticed a pen sitting on the counter and picked it up and then retrieved a napkin to write the number on and the Elijah reached over the counter and grabbed the document from the counter and pulled it away. I then took a flyer from the counter and left the store.

Domino's Pizza
Domino's Pizza

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