Domino's Pizzacustomer service

M Aug 18, 2018

I ordered my order by phone at elen thirty p.m. and let them know I would be a few minutes past twelve to pick up my order (they close at twelve and will not deliver to my work location as it is a kilometer or two too far). The fellow who took my order checked with someone first then said OK. It has not been a problem in the past as I order from there on afternoon shift as often as not. The fellow who took my order I could tell was dismayed. Just to put in my order in was difficult because of the language barrier as I wanted extra this and that on the pizzas and his English must be limited because his responses were puzzling and we had to work through it. So...I punched my time card eight minutes early ran to my vehicle and was halfway to the store (2-3 minutes away) when my phone rang and I was told that they were sorry to inform me the store was closed. I asked what he meant I explained that I had explained I get off work at twelve and I'd be a few minutes late. He said shoot we have already rang out. So it would seem to me the the guy who took my order didn't relay the message and the one left to close the store likes throwing out food and doesn't care about customer service relations. I am sick about it .

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