Dominoscan I order a pizza some time tonight?


I was ringing to order a pizza, somebody answers, I can hear the words "hang on" (talking to someone else) and I'm hung up on. I then ring up asking if it's common practice there to hang up on customers and get hung up on a second time. LOL. What **** service. Go to hell you ****er. The sad thing is, I still want pizza... it's hard to boycott a place just cause of one employee. I hope he gets fired. Seriously.


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    remd78 Jul 09, 2010

    I ordered a pizza three weeks ago from Domino's Balcatta store in Perth, WA. While I was ordering it by phone, the man told me that i could not pay by credit card as their system was down. I said I didn't have cash so wanted to cancel the order. 1 1/2 hours later at 11pm at night while my lights were off and I was in bed someone banged on the door and it was someone with pizza's. I told him it was canceled and he made a apology and left. I contacted them last night to order some pizza's when i had friends over and they stated that I had to come down to the store and pre-paid as i had been black listed due to the above incident. This is the worst and most unprofessional service i have EVER got . I will NEVER be going back to DOMINOS!!!

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