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My name is Daisy. I was in one of your store in Atholville NB, Canada, may 17 2019.
I was there with my daughter, she was searching for a toy to buy as I given her money (5$). Unfortunately the one she really wanted was open and missing a piece. She's only 5 years old. I said to her no worries we will say it to the cashier and maybe they will find the missing piece OR sell it for less.
When we arrived at the cash to pay, for me being honest, and the cashier you can tell she as some kind of disability, they took the toy away from my kid, said they can't lower the price even if I wanted to buy it in the fist place. She was very very sad and we are french. In no way they explained for her to understand, he said sorry and walked away.
I suggested in front of the cashier that instead we were going to buy a toy in Walmart.
I'm very disapointed of the way to store treated us. It's been like this in Atholville for quite some time with the workers. They have no maners.
I'm going to make this public on how dollorama in atholville treated my 5 year old daughter.

Daisy Lebouthillier

May 17, 2019

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