Dollar Treetrash from dollar tree store


I am the store manager of the business located just north of your store located at 610 South 2nd Ave in Dodge City, Kansas 67801. Last Friday 10/20/17 was a pretty windy day in southwest Kansas. Your store had several boxes sitting on the south side of your building during this windy day. These boxes are now blown all over not only your lot behind your building but also on my lot behind my building. Myself and one of my employee's just cleaned up all around our lot on Thursday 10/19/17 and now all of these boxes are blown all over again. It does not make any since to me to have these boxes just stacked up outside so that they can blow all over the place. I think that your people need to come over and pick all of them up and dispose of them properly but not in my trash cans.
Thank You
Mike Decker
Store Manager
606 S 2nd Ave
Dodge City, KS 67801

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