Dollar Tree Stores, Inc.home store brand bleach/customer service sales associate. shelby


After I was checked out and proceeded to grab my bags and gallon of bleach from counter, I swung around to leave and bleach flew everywhere! I dropped the gallon of bleach. It had a slit in it all the way across the front! I stood there in shock! My 20 year old daughter was wiping bleach off my face and jacket. I looked at the sales associate, Shelby, she just blankly stared at me. And then proceeded to continue ringing up her customer. I was very upset! How rude! I' ll take care of myself! Thanks! I told the sales associate. I went and got another gallon bottle of bleach off shelf and left. My coat as well as my jeans, now, are bleach stained. As well as poor, rude customer service, I am out a coat as well as a pair of jeans! Thanks Dollar Tree. I am already on disability! Dollar Tree is suppose to save me money not cost me money!

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