Dollar Tree Storecomplaint

M Aug 01, 2018

Why is it that there is more stock in the stock room than on the shelves. Week after week this store always has a stockroom overflowing with product and on Uboats than on the shelves. Yesterday it was pouring rain and at least 3 people at work no customers except me and possibly 3 more yet no employees were even trying to put out stock. I heard a manager from another store made the schedule for this location which does not make since since there is a manager at this store. It is really disappointing since it is newly renovated for it to look like this all the time. I sent you an email a couple weeks ago about the second issue and as you can see the Uboats and stockroom is still the same.
This is the store on McClellan Blvd in Lenlock, Al

Dollar Tree Store
Dollar Tree Store
Dollar Tree Store

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