Dollar Treestore #4890


Store # 4890 Manager Colleen Burt . She is Gertrude and disrespectful on many separate occasions. I went there to pick up my in store order that was placed on 9/28/17. Mind you I got an email on 10/20 to pick the order up, that’s almost a month for an in store pick up of items already advertised and sold in store. I went in the same day I got email, Oder was not available. Waited until on day 10/23/17, went to the store, the manager there and Burt was walking around out of uniform pink shirt black bottoms on the phone talking loud throughout the store, she came over asked what name the order was under (she’s still on the phone) she said she has no order for me. I told her I came on Friday, your store associate said the order was there but the shipment was unpacked her name was Wanda. I told her I would come on Monday. Ms Burt said let me check again but she know she didn’t see anything (she still talking on the phone to whoever she was taking too) After 5 minutes she came back with one box ( she’s still on the phone) I looked through the box, and I told her a case of an item was missing. She put her arm on the box, leaned up with an attitude and said that’s all I have . I told her I’m a faithful customer of the Dollar tree and I have a business which is why I spend thousands of dollars with your stores, I said I placed the order you guys charged me already, I got the email, I been back and forth. Her response was our store dontsend emails and they don’t put the orders together, I told her I understand that but issue not an employee of Dollar Tree, a Manager at that and you’re not trying to help me. I told her I need to know when to expect the other items and that I wasn’t leaving until she gave me the information now. She said “who you talking to ? “ I told her “you”. All this time she is on the phone, being rude asking the person she is on the phone with if they can pass by Popeyes and if she can get hash browns. At that point I had asked her several times to look at the email so she can see the items and she refused, kept asking me over Andover what I ordered because she did not care nor was she paying attention to me at the time. She then stormed off for about ten minutes and came back with a case of the item that was missing. I asked for her full name, reporting supervisor name and number . She gave me her manager name as Alley Hansen and gave me a cell phone number to call . I called the store after I left when I realized she gave me a cell phone number, she answered, I asked her for a company phone number, she then seemed frantic and couldn’t find a number, then she gave me a number and I asked her what number she gave me, she then gave the phone to another manager by the name of Anna who gave me the information, again she was very rude, she didn’t want to speak with me becauss it seems like if she was more upset than me about the situation. This is unacceptable. I want to file a formal complaint against her, this is the 3rd time I have had an bad customer service experience with her and I don’t think you should have someone as unprofessional as her representing your store. My phone number is

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