Dollar Treestore #3110 not observing hours

C Aug 16, 2018 Review updated:

Dollar Tree, store #3110 - Arlington, TX 76010 is supposed to remain open until 9:00. I arrived at about 7:45 and the doors were already closed and locked. There were maybe about 10 people that I could see already inside of the store, and the Cashier was standing in front of the door. I don't know if she was a manager or not, but she commented, "we close at 9:00, and with the amount of people we have in the store, it'll be well after 9:00 before we get out." There were 2 additional customers that approached the door and were also denied entry. The employee began fumbling for store keys and took several minutes to unlock the door to let about 8 customers out. I'm sure they were just as inconvenienced being locked inside the store as we were frustrated being locked outside during normal operating hours. While a few customers remained inside the store, the employee stepped outside to smoke a cigarette about 5 feet in front of the main entrance. The total experience was very unprofessional and patrons should not have to tolerate that kind of behavior, no matter the amount of money we spend.

store #3110 not observing hours


  • 9w
    9wood Aug 16, 2018

    let me see takes over an hour for 10 customers to get checked out?
    i'm sure they are on the clock as there " closed

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    Lady620 Sep 14, 2018


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