Dollar Treestore 1663 management

K Aug 06, 2018

Hello, my name is Kevin Cassar.
I went to work as schedule on 08/06/2018 . I said to my boss the assistant manager at the time "hey I'm gonna go to the bank on my break" the bank is in the same complex as the store. I wanted to cash my check to get a drink at work. She said "if you go there on your break don't bother coming back" . That being said I didn't feel she or Dollar tree could dictate what I did on my break, so I went to the bank and currently at home trying to reach someone in HR to get this resolved weather she's in the right or wrong I just want answers and someone to talk to. My email is [protected]@ phone number is [protected]. I will be seeking out legal council either way. I also will be checking in to unemployment. I feel that she had no right to terminate me based I was going to the bank in the same complex and that I was on my break.

Thank you Kevin Cassar

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