Dollar Treeservice


Store number #483.
I went in to store around 10:30. There were no buggies in store for customers. There was some inside full of store product and the rest were outside in the parking lot. Employees told another older lady that they only had 10. And she was rude about the way she told her. So apparently they don’t collect their buggies at night before they close. They finally got a buggy for the customer but it was after much “talk” between the employees. There were also no hand held basket to be found.
I went on to the Halloween isle and another employee was doing something with empty boxes on a trolley. I was looking through some skeletons and the hook broke off and they all fell on to the floor. I attempted to pick them up but already had my hands full (remember no baskets) and employee just stood there and watched me. I told her I would pick them up to not help me. (Said in a sarcastic tone). I couldn’t get them up because they kept falling so I pushed them out of my way and continued on down the isle. Employee pushed the trolley right where I needed to look at. Now there are 2 employees standing there talking. I tried to push the trolley out of the way and some boxes fell off. Again I tried to pick up and again BOTH employees just stood there!!! Told them they were rude and that the store used to friendly. They proceeded to talk between them while I tried to shop with them looking at me. While I was on another isle I could hear them talking. They were very rude and I will not be going back to that store. And when I was checking out the checker never once greeted me or said one word to me. But she was happy to talk to the customer behind me. They were rude to me and to the lady that needed a shopping cart. (She was a older lady and needed to walk with a buggy). Everyone in the at store needs a lesson on customer service and just being a human being. Again rude!!!

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