Dollar Treeservice

D Aug 06, 2018

The cashier at amite dollar tree name CC has a very bad way of being a cashier she complained about keep having to do voids on people Things and she mention if she had to do one more she was gonna quit she also stated to me that the other worker didn't want to work but I had been in the store 30 maybe 40mins and when I seen her the first time she was picking up and putting items back on the shelves from a buggy that she had and when I seen her before I headed to check out she was sweeping the floor with a dust mop the cashier was wrong for what she was saying about the other worker and I don't think working for Dollar tree is the kind of job she needs just getting out of high school, she rung my items up and slammed my bag down to the end of the register she also didn't try to offer me a box or wrap my glasses up that I purchase I ended up losing one of my glasses because it broke as I was pushing them outside.

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