Dollar Treepoor customer service

S Sep 14, 2018

To Whom it May Concern,
Today I visited your store located at 1010 Helen Power Dr. Vacaville, CA. 95687. It was approximately 12:15pm. I got in the line located on the far left if you were facing the store. I was 3rd in line. After I got in the line that Jordan was running he left the register to blow up a balloon. He was having a terrible time trying to get it to work. I stood there for 5 minutes while he fought with the machine. Meanwhile the girl at the register next to his, Lizeth, kept looking back at him and looking at his line building up. Two female also came out of the office during this time and saw he was struggling with it. Neither of them attempted to help him even though he was standing 5 feet from them both. I did not say anything during this time period although I was getting frustrated as were the others in the line with me watching this. By the time he got back to the register he had 8 people in his line. He handed the customer the balloon and then she announced that she wanted another one. He proceeded to head back over to the balloon when I stopped him and asked if he could have one of the other workers do that for him (since both of the 2 girls were still standing there.) He did not get a chance to reply when one of the two females, whom I later discovered her name was Brittany inquired as to what the problem seemed to be. I explained to her the situation. She replied curtly, "What do you want me to do? Open another register?" I can not express appropriately in an email the tone she took in that statement. The best I can do is say that to myself and the two people I spoke to about it after the fact felt that she said it like she was being bothered and she might as well have said, "What the hell would you like me to do about it." The gentleman from my register proceeded to blow up balloons and the people in the back of my line jumped over to Lizeth's line. Brittney opened another register on the other side of Lizeth. She looked over at the back of Lizeth's line and said, " Can I help the next person in line?"
At this point I walked over to her line and asked her name as I did not see a name tag. She replied that she was Brittnay and she is the store manager. As I walked back to my line, Lizeth said, "What is your name?" Lizeth must have found that comical because she was laughing.
I just can't get over the flat out inappropriate remark by Lizeth, whom should have been attending to her long line instead of going out of her way to antagonize me. Then the inability of the manager to recognize that there was a problem at all and behave in a matter that befits a manager position. She was also unable to make a decision on her own, without asking me, that would help alleviate the inconvenience to all of her customers.

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