Dollar Treeentire local store

S Sep 02, 2018

Crafters and diyers such as myself love Dollar Tree for many reasons, but when we go into a store that is unclean it makes us not want to shop there. I have never been into a more filthy place in my entire life. For whatever reason every time I go in there I need to use a restroom. Their restroom always is so dirty I can't and refuse to sit on the toilet for fear of catching a disease. The sink is so black I'm scared to wash my hands. The floor is so filthy you can't hardly see the natural flooring. Don't even get me started on the black filth on the walls inside and outside the restroom. Majority of the employees look like their on crack. If I were poor and homeless I wouldn't apply there for the reputation I would receive for working with unclean and unkept people. Majority of the employees are missing mpre than half their teeth and wear dirty clothes and smell like anus. Just being honest. The store is usually kept neat shelves wise but the walls and floors need to be cleaned desperately. Please do something about the Stephenville Texas location!

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