Dollar Treecleanliness

G Sep 15, 2018

The outside parts of the store are completely disgusting, there is ALWAYS TONS of garbage littering the sidewalk right in front of the store and the parking lot, old nasty fast food bags, food, diapers, bottles, cups, tons of cigarette butts and on an occasion I saw a condom laying on the sidewalk. The list goes on and on, I thought that the outside appearance of a business was the first and most important impression on the customer, if thats the case here than I don't want to enter the inside of a store that cares so little about being clean and presentable. Because of this store and the constant experience of wading through garbage I drive 25 minutes out of my way to go to another store that has self respect. I hope you can right this disgusting stores lack of initiative and gross habits. Not to mention there are boxes constantly cluttering the aisles making it quite a challenge to navigate through it.

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