Dollar Treean employee to employer assault

N Jul 11, 2019

yesterday I was assaulted at the porter Dollar store the guy aggressively rush me twice put his fingers in my face and all I did was staying there I slapped his hand manager did nothing to customers trying to help more than the manager did I tried to calm things down I left for a while for lunch I was going back to work my wife said are you crazy you can get in a fight just go home come back tomorrow I went inside surprised he's still there cuz he is there a regresar and I said see y'all tomorrow and the manager told me you go home don't come back tomorrow she should have let me go home to calm the situation down or sent him home I thought I was fired so I started telling the manager I'll work extra hours he doesn't even show up and call in and you're firing me she said I'm not firing you I just told you to go home and not come so they don't come tomorrow he got mad I said that aggressively rush me again but this time he hit me in the face to protect myself I try to grab them customers are running in with your phone saying they're calling the cops I don't want no cops and no big scene at where I work so I shook hands told everyone everything was over and acted like we're about to do to truck he's walking away from me I'm walking away from him but he still talkin under his mouth so I had to leave before it got more physical and it manager did nothing I got a text from her when I was telling her texting her that she did nothing issue was wrong just let everything cool down if you want I will send you on the text I contacted my lawyer I'll go from here and I don't know why they're there was no assault charges pressed on him after I left y'all have it all on camera when that girl set up and let her family in the store last week you went back on the camera and you found out who assaulted Donna and you're fired her so this is wrong the guy has been violent before last week July 4th we had to call the cops on a homeless guy we're doing the truck a homeless guy walked by as he did say some unpleasant words but I'm not trying to heat my friend I mean Chris got aggressive towards him I had to pull the sharp back it was a homeless guys fall but he is uncontrollable the manager could have stopped it all my sending the cinder home I cannot quit my job I've been in trouble all my life I ride my bike from Kingwood to Porter just to work I'm doing everything I can to be a better person I am tired of going to jail they take more than half my money for child support look on the paystub you'll see that I'm a recovering drug addict stress is too much and now I'm worried about losing my job and going to jail for not paying child support or quitting on purpose then I don't want to go back to work and be unappreciated or fired for nothing

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    oh yeah the two cashiers even came from the front to back they could hear the yelling I always yelling back when he was in my face and they seen I did nothing aggressive I just stood my ground you can ask them

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