Dollar Generalovercharge and coupons


I went to Dollar General on October 12, 2017. I purchased 4 bottles of Tone Body wash and had 2 coupons for 2.00 each on 2 bottles, in which the cashier only took off one coupon, I went back in the store to show them the error but all the manager on duty did was give me back my coupon, which defies the purpose because I wanted to use my coupon, so I had to pay the full price. She then got on the phone with the store manager, in which they kept me waiting for quite a few minutes, to reach the conclusion that they could not refund the 2 bottles for which they did not use my coupon because I wrote a check. I then suggested to just give me the 2.00 in cash in exchange i would give them the coupon and call it even but i was denied that also, and I upon returning home, I reviewed my receipt and i was charged for an extra bottle of body wash that i did not purchase. This was not customer satisfaction and was handled very poorly and unprofessional.

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