Dollar General-#04856loose cans of alpo dog food.

C Aug 04, 2018

My husband is a good Christian hearted man that loves to shop at DG. He is 83 years old and we shop @ DG, Where ever we R. In Valdosta, Naylor, Waycross, Homerville, Blackshear & Patterson, Ga. My point is we give DG a lot of our Sr. $$$$. We love to shop at DG. This store that I am complaining about is the Store on 1902 S. Georgia Parkway W. - Waycross, Ga.
My husband ALWAYS BUY OUR PET, BLAKE'S FEED, IN DG in Waycross, Ga. Sometimes in Homerville, Ga.
He went today to buy the reg. 10 cans of Alpo Dog Food with the Gravy. He got up to the register to pay for the dog food & a loaf of Bread and they REFUSED TO SELL HIM THE 10 LOOSE CANS OF DOG FEED!!! WE HAVE BOUGHT IT loose cause we like the kind that has the gravy and it is easy to mix with a half scoop of dry dog feed for our pet. They refused to sell my husband the cans he has selected and made him go back and buy a "6-pack" that was wrapped all together!! My husband was so aggravated when he got in the car..We can afford to buy our own food and we buy for our pet. but, My husband said after today, he was going to Family Dollar and take his business. The 6 pack that he got was more expensive that the loose cans he always buys. He buys 10 at the time because we lives 20 miles away from Waycross and 12 miles away from Homerville. We are so upset about this. We have looked in DG for the DG brand of Rice Krispies and have yet to find them in our local Waycross Store. Finally found some in the Naylor DG store. We R upset with Dollar General!!!

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