Dish Network / Dish.comupgrading of equipment

K Sep 04, 2018

I was scammed by your sales representative
Recently upgraded 3 of my TVs to 4 k smart
Called dish to complain of poor hd reception

Was told by sales that I needed to upgrade from my old 720 equipment to the 4K hopper
Told them that I only had 3 smart TVs but she told me it would not be an issue that the hopper would accommodate these TVs and my old 4th one would operate independently from the 4K

In other words I could still operate the old tv in my kitchen with no add ons etc

Not the case I lost that tv and everyone I have talked to is telling me it will cost me another 7.00 a month to get it up and running

Dish is making plenty of money
Why do you want to scam this old retired man
I cannot afford anymore since I am budgeted

All I want is my old tv working like she told me it would

Ken Oakley
Lebanon Tn

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