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H Aug 15, 2018

On Aug 3 I called [protected] and talked to a lady, Ashley about dish. We got disconnected and I called back and talked to Queenie. She then transferred me to Elisia. We talked a good amount of time mostly her telling me how great Dish is and you never need service and everything is the best and if not Dish will make it good. In order to service my TV's I had to get 2 Hoppers, 3 Joey's, and 1 wireless Joey. To get the wireless Joey I had to pay $25.00 at that time. I was told you can record 8 things at a time but that is not true. In the mornings I have the bathroom TV on with the news and the weather. The last 2 mornings I have had another program come onto the channel I am watching saying it is at its limit with 3 recordings. Back to my Aug 13. Call, we decided which package would be best and a Quick installation. We hung up and I forgot to mention Offer Code: CARD100. I immediately called back and was talking to Nicole and we got disconnected. I called back and talked to Brad Abraham and he is the rudest person I have ever talked to in my life. He raised his voice and told me to be quiet and listen. He told me I was wrong and I ask for a manager and he hung up. That should have thrown up a red flag. On Aug 7 a Dish technician came to my house and we went in the backyard looking for the best spot to put the satellite. We then went in the house and I showed him where the TV's were located. After he left there is 2 remotes that will not turn the TV on or off. He named the 2 Hoppers the same name and we do not know which is which. Later that night my wife ask me if I got her phone charger and I told her no. I do not know if the technician used it to charge his phone and forgot he had it or what happened. I just know it had been in the same spot for 2 years. A couple of days later my wife ask me how long was the wire and concrete block with Satellite going to sit in the middle of the back yard. I told her it was not in the yard it was in the flower bed. She said It is in the yard. I told her we had picked out a spot in the flower bed and she said well it is in the yard. So I go out to look at it for the first time and my wife is right. She did exaggerate saying in the middle but it is in the grass about 4 or 5 feet where we picked. Besides not looking good where it is, it does not pass neighborhood covenants. Also I do not think it is clear as Direct and it has quit working several times since we have had it. Then today as I was looking up phone number for Dish I saw where Dish is offering 2 Alexa's and all we got so far is nothing has been done as promised. I do not know what to do next but see if a manager or representative gets back with me and we decide. From what the lady told me when we placed the order I want Dish to know I am not satisfied with their product or the people representing them. I am not responsible for the bill until we decide what we are going to do and satisfy me, the customer. Thanks

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