Dish Network / Dish.combroken contract

C Jul 31, 2018

On 21st of July I called dish to get a discount on my bill after some time speaking with the sales lady we agreed that I would keep the same channels and for the same deal (price)but signed a 1 year contract. a few days later I checked my bill the price had went up and my channels were taken off so I called back and after explaining my problem the sale person tried to get me to sign a 2 year contract and call back every 3 months to asked for a discount on my premium chanels. After some more explaining he decided he would give me a discount on some of the channels. Then after checking the bill again not only was the first contract not the same but it also went up again. That's when I called a 3rs time explained to the next sale person and he saw everything that I told him and also tried to get me to sign a 2 year contract. Dish network broke the contract and tried to get me to see things their way. I was told a price and then got another and less channels. So I asked them to send me the boxes to return their equipment. They first tried to charge another month rent and a early termination fee. Then went to just pay the early termination fee and a shipping and handling fee with insurance. Now I have been with Dish for over 6 years and never late . I am Texting to get some justice. Can someone please tell me when did fish get so money hungry. I Have been a loyal Customer but not anymore.

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