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I have been a dish customer for years along with a billion other people i have been a smackdown fan for many years also. Now we find out that for some unknown reason which is probably a money negotiation like with AMC before, you have went and took away the FOX channel which Smackdown has moved to on October 5th 2019. Now I am sure this is because of you wanting more money because of this but now you have went an pissed off over a billion customers plus fans who were looking toward this premiere that has been advertised to us for a long time now. You can continue this mess you have created but you may lose a hell of a lot of customers because of it. Not only will you lose customers but friends of us because we will pass this message along to everyone that is or has been a fan and make sure that many of us consider changing providers who do carry this channel and give a [censored] about their customers. Which is why we are seriously considering going back to directv, they may cost more but at least they aren't pulling a station that a billion fans and customers have been waiting a long time to get ready for, so I hope losing a billion customers over some unknown stupid reason, but something better change back to how it was or you can forget my service and me paying my bill!!!

Oct 01, 2019
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      Oct 02, 2019

    Fox is wanting more money. Don’t get them confused

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