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placing dish on "pause" wound up costing us more.

We have an elderly parent we have to help with 2-3 weeks per month so we have to travel and be away those days, so we thought we could put our dish service on "pause" as the dish agent called it, would save us some money. At first it seamed to be working. They charged an extra $5 for pausing but our bills were a lot lower. I did not count the days or figure the charges by hand and just relied on the dish computers and accounting systems to figure my bill. Usually our bill was just under $100 per month so when we got a bill for over $200, my wife called (she is better with people than I as I would rather cuss them) any way the lady said there had been a mistake made and to just pay this amount which amounted to $88 off the bill. We were feeling good about this.
Guess what we got in this bill? Dish added the $88 back in plus added a $10 late fee. My wife called again with zero results. We've been dish customers for more than 10 years but I looking to switch.

I've been looking at directv but I can't figure out what I get. An't easy... [censored] em...

damages to my home

Over a month ago we had dish installed . Worked gelrest for a few hours . Had to call again to come out and...


this issue dish and cbs needs to end. I saw that you raised your prices so therefore we are paying more and not receiving cbs. settle your differences soon or we will leave you for a more reliable service.

why are we suffering the conciquences of your actions and paying more???

you better believe were mad as hell. if you can't run a better business then let someone else take over.

hopper 3 with wireless joey

Every night at 1:00 am my wireless joey tv freezes, goes black, then get a 1553 message followed by a 1303 message (looking for hopper). The access box behind the main tv which is connected to the hopper 3 loses power completely (all 3 lights go out).in about 2 minutes it comes back on. I've had 7 different tech support people try to fix it. No help. Then they sent me another access point box. No help. Then they sent a tecnichian to my home to check it out. No help. I am extremely frustrated by dish network not being to remedy this problem. I don't think I should have to pay the amount i'm paying every month for something that doesn't work properly. Can anyone there fix this!!!

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    Jerry Andreoli Jr Mar 27, 2019

    I have the same problem. Tech came and changed access point. No change

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    Goostoff Jul 06, 2019

    I have the same problem. I am getting really sick of it. I work 2nd shift and this is when I watch TV and I get sick of dealing with this every night.

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installer fraud

My name is Brad and I have been with dish for four years now. I am a disabled retired veteran who has a fiduciary to handle my finances.(my father). The account is actually in his name but my wife and I have permission to make adjustments or service for account. We have recently had to downsize our finances so we went cancel our dish service and were given the run around.

Dish states that We have a contract and that there will be early termination fee. We called in September of 2017 to have an additional line placed in an additional room we built onto the house. We only needed the joey moved into new room. The technician explained that we were not signing a contract, and that at anytime we could cancel. He had a sign a tablet and explained that he needed a signature to get paid. Now, in January of 2019 we have cancelled service and Dish wants to charge cancellation fee. The account holder is Iverson Evans the signed contract DOES NOT have his signature. Please contact us as soon as possible.

Bradley Evans

  • Ch
    chadt41 Jan 30, 2019

    The contract doesn’t need his signature. If you or your other signed it, and it was done inside his home, then it is accepted that he authorized you to agree on his behalf. Next time read what you’re signing.

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returned equipment charge

I discontinued my Dish Network service and returned all the equipment as requested. The lady at UPS asked me if I would like a receipt because Dish will say you didn't return the equipment. Obviously, Dish has a reputation at UPS. Three weeks after returning a Hopper, two Joey's, three remotes, an LNBF that I took off my roof, a connection device, I received an email saying I will be charged $99.00 because I failed to return a Joey and the LNBF. Completely false. I returned everything. This is a scan. Now, I'm waiting for 8:00 am for them to open so I can call and complain.

software update

Upgraded to Hopper 3 in April of 2018... I have had a problem with System Update since day one... Set up to...

nearly half of my service suspended - cannot cancel without penalty and no price reduction

Dish has discontinued providing CBS network due to their dispute with the local affiliate for nearly a month...

confused workers poor cs

So my power went off and when it came back on, it blew the box. After testing was told they will send another box and would have to pay shipping. Asked if I could pick up local he gave me the number of the place. I called to find out is was a latino shop that doesn't carry box. Called back to have it sent and was told I would need to sign a new 2yr contract, , I was pissed by this point, I hung up. Called back later after calming down and asked for manager, who informed me that box was already set to ship and would be here 2-3 days. This being day 3 I called for update and was told it never shipped. The look ady said she could send it but I wouldn't get it until 23rd, that is not okay, I told her they should pay the expedited shipping since they screwed up...crickets, I told her I am closing my account of 8yrs! Sad

suspend service while out of the country.

Put my service for 6 weeks while out of the country, checked with rep and ask if it would be the same deal when I renewed my service and he said only had to pay $10.00 per month and the charges would be the same. When I returned they said I lost all my credit for 2 year deal I signed up for. They would not change their stance and said I owed them $420.00 on contract I cancelled and told them I would not pay.
Service was good but this is not right and am returning their equipment and not paying the cancellation fee.

  • Ch
    chadt41 Jan 08, 2019

    I bet you end up paying the cancellation fee... since you agreed to pay it automatically... either way, it will just go to collections, and if you attempt to fight it, they will submit your contract and service agreement signed as proof you agreed to it. That’s going to hurt when you’re least expecting it.

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dish reception

We live at 72 Princeton Rd Philipsburg, MT. For 3 days we keep getting places where the picture stalls and the voice continues or we get a yellow screen. There is nothing blocking the dish as we have looked at it numerous times. Please get it fixed. I don't pay the money I pay for crappy reception. I feel Dish should allow a customer to pick and choose what channels they want and we shouldn't have to take what they want us to have.

  • Ch
    chadt41 Jan 03, 2019

    You can feel that, however, the channels are arranged contractually by the channel owner... not Dish.

    As far as your issue, sounds more like your antenna needs realigned for an optimal signal. There would be nothing for Dish to fix on their end, it would have to be done on yours.

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service cut off after promising it would not happen

My monthly dish bill was due on 12/25/18. I am a united states navy veteran and my wife and I are both disabled. We are both on fixed incomes and, due to the holidays, did not have enough money this month to pay our bill. I contacted dish on 12/24/18, a day before my bill's due date, to see about the possibility of getting a payment deferral. I was told this could not be done until my payment was delinquent. I contacted dish on 12/26/18, a day after my account became delinquent, via the chat option online. I explained about my limited funds and I had a choice to buy food or pay my dish bill. I was asked when I could pay and I informed the customer service representative that I could pay when I receive my ssdi funds on 1/3/19. I was assured that this would be ok because there was a grace period and if I paid before 1/9/19 I would not be charged any late fees and my service would not be interrupted. This morning, 12/27/18, my dish service was stopped. I called dish and spoke to a customer service representative, carlos z11, and was told my service was interrupted because of my past due account. He said he could not help me even though I told him my previous chat discussion I had earlier. He said the information I was given was not correct. I then asked to speak to a supervisor and was told there was no supervisor and he was the person who was as good as a supervisor and there was no recourse for me. I did the right thing and was told the incorrect information. I believe dish should stand by their information a service representative provides a customer. This is not very nice!

charge for no service

Dish customer for 4 years and 6 months. How ironic the department is called the "Loyalty Department" Thi...


I am so sick of seeing the same old movies on dish channels!!! I'm so excited after months and months, even...

1 comment Hedgesville Movies


Do not "upgrade" to Hopper. Major benefits of old Dish will be gone, you'll no longer be able to watch Netflix on your TV without paying, and you'll find technical support is terrible from installation to trouble-shooting. If you complain, you'll be reminded that you are trapped by the contract.

Before installation, I could be able to continue our habit of watching the downstairs tv while cooking dinner as my husband continued watching upstairs. We had to mute the sound on one tv, which was fine. We also watched Netflix on both TVs apart from Dish.

Now, what we had is gone and we can't get the old equipment back. New Dish can't display the same recorded show simultaniously and the equipment won't let us watch Netflix without having to pay an additional monthly fee. I asked for a technician to come back and fix what was broken and Dish refused.

It took weeks to troubleshoot installation problems with bad equipment and more weeks trouble-shooting the double viewing problem. It seems technicians didn't know it was not fixable. We both were home from the hospital without the new Hopper spending stressful hours trying to make things right. Dish did give us 6 weeks free time, a small compensation time spend fighting Dish and not having the service.

  • Ch
    chadt41 Dec 06, 2018

    Dish charges you nothing to watch Netflix. It is simply an app. You’re required to pay your ISP for the internet and required to pay netflix, but Dish doesn’t charge a penny for netflix at any point in time.

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unethical billing residential consumer

Hello I received this email stating that I have a new billing amount of now an amount in excess of $400.00. I...

satellite reception

I am at Zip code 93222. I am 1.36 miles from los angeles county. The fires are burning and I am in firewatch. Dish will not give me the los angeles county stations so I may keep up to the fire information. Instead I get Bakersfield stations that never broadcast any fire information for my area. I have spoken to them and they do not care. I have asked how many times they have been fined for changing satellite zip codes and they say never, but they won't help a dish customer of 16 years.

  • Ch
    chadt41 Nov 10, 2018

    Dish, nor any provider, chooses your Designated Market Area(DMA). That is decided by the Nielsen Media, and enforced by the FCC. It is based off of your service address. They cannot legally offer you a different market, so no, they will not violate federal laws.

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I can not watch tv.. The only device that seems to work is the hopper, the super joey and joey's always pop up on the tv activity screen and it displays 0 of 0 tuners in use. It will not allow me to watch tv. I contact customer service and they tell me this is an ongoing issue within dish network at the moment and they aren't sure how to fix it but are working on the problem.. The only way to fix it for now is to reset everything.. Which then, is only a temporary solution that lasted less than an hour before it messed up again...

on demand service

Their on demand service is constantly down. They have limited options to binge or choose from and when you...

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My account has been on pause since 5 years ago, i had always had for 9 months for pause each time the last...

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