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I've been watching all of your channels since they've been available and I love everyone of them. I understand that the live streaming is free and this an awesome thing, however the commercials are absolutely killing me. Is there anyway that someone can look at why the same commercial will repeat 3 times in a row or show up 4 times in 1 commercial break, it's mind numbing at this point. I use the apps more than the TV at this point and again thank you but I think it would be beneficial to have someone monitor whatever technology is injecting said commercials. Thank you for your time!!!

Oct 20, 2019
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  •   Oct 20, 2019

    Hi there, the same commercial repeats because not many companies are paying for advertising time on Discovery. Few of the Discovery viewers have money to spend on products and as you must know already, a lot of people are working at Discovery to try to make money.

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      Oct 20, 2019

    @DeAndre Washington I get that and I’ve seen all the commercials they have but it seems to me that they can put something else in and not have the same one come on and be the first three commercials back to back to back in one commercial break is all I’m saying they have other commercials.

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