Discover Cardit's another way of collecting additional fees from people


I went online to pay Discover bill for this month. I found they had charged an over limit fee of $39. I had paid minimum due amount and didn't understand why over limit.

I subtracted minimum due from previous balance and came under limit so I called Discover. They said even though I paid minimum due that when added finance charges it made it over limit. Now, she double talked on this issue. I asked her if that was the case why wasn't the minimum due higher in over to take care of it. She said they had no way of knowing what the finance charges were going to be so they couldn't do that. I said, "So, you can't but I'm supposed to mind-read and figure it out myself. She then went on to say that the finance charges are actually from the month before and that I should have some idea from what they were previously.

Now, if that's the case, they should be able to do the same thing. My guess is, it's another way of collecting additional fees from people. They know perfectly well that people will pay minimum due without thinking to double check the finance charges and will thus occur over limit fees, late fees, etc., etc., etc.

Who does one write to complain about this sort of business?


  • J
      Nov 14, 2007

    And what a dirty credit card this has turned out to be, and on my trip~Misrepresentation of fees, lying, not helping with disputed charges at Motel 8, Pet fees not pet friendly, wanted $15. per cat, did not honor the coupon rate in the Florida coupon saver and Room Rates Misrepresented by Motel 8 at I-95 Saint Augustine, Florida in violation of Florida Statute 509, Misleading and False Advertising, no shower, dirty shower and no fan in Motel 8, noisy, smelled like chemicals, would not honor the $42. price and
    Discover Card ignores all material facts in this matter, and lets Motel 8 get away with it with charging me over limit fees in the hundreds of dollars, just hidden fees, extending credit overlimit not requested by the customer and the hundreds of over limit charges on the Discover card~Usary, Lying about taking charges off, lying about what is owed to them to bring it under the limit $6,100~dirty card Lying people now I will have to go court in Wilmington, Delaware, see a lot of class action lawsuits against Discover Card.

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  • M
      Dec 09, 2008

    Get a life, you stayed at MOTEL 8, you sound pathetic anyway...geesh, you sound like someone who has no business having a credit card John...

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  • A
      Mar 24, 2009

    Minimum payments are based on 2 to 4% of the account balance. Future interest rate charges are not considered in the minimum payment amount. Users of credit cards need to think about this. If you have a balance of $2900 and your limit is $3000 you will be in trouble if you only pay the minimum amount of $60.00 when your interest is figured at 29.99%. After your payment is made your next months balance will still be charged your interest and your balance will be over $3000. The next thing you know is that you have mysteriously gone over your limit and are now incurring fees. Common sense, minimum payments only get you in trouble and you have to do some basic math to stay in control of your credit accounts.

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