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To Whom It May Concern,

On September of last year (2016), my wife have ordered a Tag Heuer watch from using our Discover credit card. When the product was delivered to our home, we found that the merchant has sent us a product that is completely far from the item that we have paid for. We then called the merchant right away to notify them of this discrepancy but no resolution was put into place as the merchant refused to send us the right item or refund us back our money as they claim the circumstances to be impossible. Devastated on the outcomes of our conversations with the merchant, we then contacted our issuing bank, Discover Bank on September 22, 2016 to seek for help and initiate a dispute against a charge of $3, 886.50 from The dispute process took nearly 6 months as Discover bank kept siding with the merchant AFTER my wife and I have provided them with all of the documentations they asked. In that span of time, we had to contact them multiple times to re-open the case and have also provided them with more compelling evidence for them to even re-consider their decision after they would close their investigation in the merchants favor. Our chargeback dispute was denied three times even though the evidence and documentation we have given them are far more substantial than what the merchant, have provided them. Also, on January 11th 2017, when we provided more evidence to re-open the case for a FINAL dispute, we were told and promised by the MANY discover bank representatives that we will be getting a final decision within 15 days from that day. Now, two months later after not hearing back from them, we received a notification that states that we are liable to pay for the full amount as they (discover bank), find the merchant to be correct. This ongoing unfair practice that Discover bank has been doing to us have caused us to close our account with them after being their loyal customer for 6 years. As of now, both my wife and I feel discriminated and violated of our consumer rights and all we want is justice that I believe we are entitled to.
Dealing with this corporate greed and new form of "evilness" I didn't know existed made me do my own research online and I have found many others, just like my wife and I to be a victim of Discover banks unruly practices. Not only are they biased of their decisions (they ALWAYS side with the merchant) but they also do not practice their own rules and regulations. As when I researched their chargeback dispute guidelines, it clearly stated that, customers MUST obtain a decision within 15 calendar days during the final review. But clearly, that was not the case for us, as 2 months and 2 billing cycles passed and here we are getting hit by the money we have to pay back for the item we did not even get to see nor enjoy.
This is indeed very hard for us as we no longer know any other recourse to fight this chargeback anymore and we wish that no other honest consumers will have to go through this hell we are going through. If there is anything consumer advocates out there could do, it is to spend some time to review the unfair practices Discover bank is doing to their customers.
I personally think that it is only fair if they re-evaluate their decision and adjust this balance off out account to make the merchant responsible instead of us.


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