RushCard / UniRush Complaints & Reviews

RushCard / UniRush / Rushcard/ unauthorized money taken

Oct 21, 2019

Comcast took money off my rushcard without me even knowing for 219.29 Rushcard dispute department refuse to give me money back. Told me to fax a rebuttal letter to thier decision. After a rushcard representative told me I would get my money back I was on the call with them and my bank for...

Rush Card / called about a transaction that was on my card

Oct 19, 2019

Tuesday 15about 11p or 12a call too see if they could tell me about transaction that was made by PayPal they told me I would have to call them too see what it was lady told me there was made in September and October I said ok so I will call them and see then if I didn't no what it was I...

RushCard / UniRush / rushcard

Oct 15, 2019

What is the point or why does RushCard even have customer service?? Waiting on a replacement card so I needed to do a card to card transfer. well guess what, I couldn't log into my account to do the transfer because I need my new card information. I called customer service as this should...

RushCard / UniRush / access to money

Oct 06, 2019

On Friday october the 4th I called rushcard to file a dispute regarding a charge on my card. While talking to the rep she then says ok we have to turn the card of.. I then told her no don't do that I will just until Monday to do it as I was in a whole other state and would be stranded if I...

RushCard / UniRush / replacement card/ customer service

Oct 05, 2019

Called to have a replacement card sent out and was told had to answer 4 security questions, since I just changed my address, tried to answer couldn't answer, couldn't understand Customer service agent, asked to speak to a supervisor cause I didn't wanna fail the questions, agent got mad...

RushCard / UniRush / sending my new card, telling me my documents for verification were unacceptable

Sep 20, 2019

09/19/2019 I contacted Rush Card to cancel my card because it was stolen, then i had to answer 4 security questions before they would send the card. They said I did not pass so I would need to send copy of my Driver's License, Social Security Card and bill with my current address, 09/20/2019 they...

RushCard / UniRush / customer service, back office and corporate office

Sep 18, 2019

I applied for a replacement card...i tried to answer questions about an old address from a zillion yrs ago and answered wrong. I was then told I would have to send proof of identification and I've done that almost 2 weeks ago. They are still saying 24-48 business hrs which has past 3 times over. I also have transmission confirmation it was Received.

RushCard / UniRush / rushcard

Sep 17, 2019

I sent a card to card transfer to my son Noah Parker by mistake. He did not have a Rushcard at the time. He applied for one, tried to answer questions about hospital he knew and addresses that he lived at and answered wrong. We were then told when we called he would have to send proof of...

RushCard / UniRush / missing money off debt card

Sep 17, 2019

Missing money unable to get my money back because they don't know what happened to it customer service keep saying they are waiting on someone in there corporate office to fix it this is the second time this has happened my lights was disconnected after making a payment with my account...

RushCard / UniRush / my rushcard balance-[protected]

Sep 10, 2019

How, come I am not able to talk to anyone regarding my rushcard account. I, made two deposits on my rushcard August 3, 2019 #30.00, September 9, 2019 $50.00. My Balance in August when I checked it was $982.18. I, checked my balance yesterday it was $912.18. How, did my balance go from...

RushCard / UniRush / my experience on the phone with the woman

Sep 09, 2019

I called to see why my acct was at 0 balance and the woman who gets paid to help me did everything but that...she was rude and disrespectful she wasnt listening to what i was asking amd kept threatening to hang up wit i cussed not toward her ...which i should ... But just in general... I...

RushCard / UniRush / lack thereof

Sep 07, 2019

RushCard / UniRushPISSED OFF!!! NO NUMBER Reaches any actual human being ! I have been a loyal customer of rush card for at least 10 years. I have had multiple charges that of overlooked that I did not authorize however tonight I have and on unauthorized charge of over $40 that has wiped my card completely...

RushCard / UniRush / prepaid visa card

Aug 30, 2019

I think this company is just one big scam the complaints don't even bother them anymore seeing how they never do anything about them customer service is a joke and half the time you can't even understand a word their saying all I want to know is why is it so hard for them to address the...

RushCard / UniRush / disputes

Aug 26, 2019

Rushcard is by far the worst card company i have dealt with. I've filed a dispute in which i was told i'll receive a "provisional credit" i never received my check nothing, i called several times and each time someone said something differently. 2 days later they denied my claim and they...

RushCard / UniRush / my card is blocked

Aug 25, 2019

I have been a loyal Rushcard customer. I had 3 cards and one day I went to my account and it was blocked not sure why so I called numerous of times, no one could tell me why. I'm very confused of why so I tried to open another account and it said I needed to verify my identity so I sent in...

RushCard / UniRush / service/unauthorized

Aug 21, 2019

On August 15th, 2019 there was an authorized charged for $98 from My current card was deactivated and I was told I will receive a new card within 10 days and if I want a new card sooner I would have to pay a $35 fee. I think it's totally unfair to have a customer whos been...

RushCard / UniRush / customer service

Aug 12, 2019

This company is the worst by far been a customer for years trying to dispute a charge and all I get since early this morning is system is being updated 13 hours later still being updated what a poor excuse for a money service company if I have a dispute why can I not get some help why am I...

RushCard / UniRush / customer service

Jul 17, 2019

I have been a customer with RushCard since 2008. Today will be the last day that I am a customer. Over the past several weeks I have had the most AWFUL experiences with the customer service EVER! 🤬 It started in June when they returned an over $3, 000 check back to sender because the name...

RushCard / UniRush / rushcard

Jul 09, 2019

I have been a RushCard holder since 2008 and well back on the 19th of June I called RushCard to get a replacement card due to the gray stripe on the back rubbing off to the point that I can no longer use it. I paid 5 dollars to get it within 7-10 business days. Because its ridiculous to...

RushCard / UniRush / pending transactions

May 03, 2019

Date Of Incidents: 4/14/19 through 5/3/2019 On April 14th, 2019 I ordered a pizza from Marcos Pizza, something went array with their system and caused the payment to kick back and was advised that they would not take the money and that it would show as a pending charge in my account in which...

RushCard / UniRush / rush card

Apr 23, 2019

I'm not going to drag this out cause i'm to pissed off but this is the [censored]ing worst card services I have ever dealt with you can't talk to nobody they will have you send your infi over 20 time's and still claim they have not received it you need to send it again now I know I send it...

RushCard / UniRush / dispute in my rush card

Apr 22, 2019

My rush card was lost and I called to get it shut off and a new one sent they would not stop the card until I sent the paperwork work they wouldn't even open up my files cause of a old phone number and they needed a new one by the time o received the card 2 withdrawals of 202.75 was made...

RushCard / UniRush / rushcard

Apr 13, 2019

So first they authorize someone in Killeen Texas to take $32 from my account at Burgerking... I live in Colorado no one has access to my account but me... That was the 2nd I didn't get a new card til the 11th which they were saying the 16th...Today I get up my account only has $0.58 when...

RushCard / UniRush / card for my daughter

Apr 11, 2019

4/11/19-I have faxed over my daughters ss card and my id several times and I had to call to see if they received it. The number that was on the screen for me to put as the application number they said they couldn't find and then asked for her SS# which is not a secure way to just give...

Rush Card / rush card refuses to refund unauthorized charges!!

Mar 29, 2019

Dispute #: [protected] Card ending in 9016 I have been a customer of Rush card since 2007. And they do not care!!! I feel like they are read ing for a script and cannot say anything different. Not even a proper response to question. Very frustrating talking to someone in another country...

Rush Card / Prepaid debit card

Mar 17, 2019

Rush CardMy account has been frozen since January. I was asked to fax in 3 form and they have yet to help me. They keep refusing the documents and I get no help at all. I have faxed in, emailed, and mailed in the documents. They said I couldn't email it to them @the [protected]@rushcard email...

RushCard / UniRush / my money being taken

Mar 14, 2019

RushCard / UniRushI activated my RushCard 03/14/2019 which was a replacement card and I signed up for the 5.95 plan I loaded 20.00 on the card and out of the 20.00 RushCard left me with a balance of 8.10 I've been a valued customer since 2018 and not once have I ever been charged 11.90 the day of activation...

RushCard / UniRush / tax refund deposit

Feb 28, 2019

I had my tax refund issued to rush card because of the possibility of getting it sooner. On 2/26/19 my refund was deposited to rush. I received an email at 9:32pm (pst) stating that I needed to verify my tax refund deposit (I guess that it's coming from federal isn't enough) and to call...

Rush Card / card being blocked

Feb 27, 2019

I have called the costumer service #and ask why I couldn't open my account I was not getting my texts on my 📱 no more they you have to enroll in rush texts 📢 I said i'm already enroll in that then they said that my phone service provider. Was blocking my texts I went and check that...

RushCard / UniRush / prepaid debit card

Feb 10, 2019

I had my money sent to my from my school and they have yet to reissue an replacement card. This is what happened. My purse was stolen and my debit cards and my state id were all in that purse. So I called rush card to ask for a replacement then remembered my friend also had a rush card. So I...

RushCard / UniRush / customer service

Jan 21, 2019

I have been a long time rushcard user. Two days ago my rushcard was stolen, not knowing what to do I transferred the remaining funds to another rushcard I had but was not aware it was expired since no other card had been sent. I was charged a monthly fee of $7.99 after transferring fund...

RushCard / UniRush / refund

Jan 15, 2019

Customer service consist of only indian descendent and they're customer service is horrible, they do not work with you on anything, they ignore your concerns and just keep saying i'm sorry about that, when in fact they're not. They give you the run around and lie to you, they are not a...

RushCard / UniRush / debit card

Jan 02, 2019

I've been with rushcard for 10 years every time my card gets ready to expire in December I usually receive my card for some odd reason this year I did not receive my updated card and was told I could use my card. Will December 31 came and I tried to purchase my kids some pizza to bring in...

RushCard / UniRush / online account

Dec 18, 2018

RushCard / UniRushI logged into my account then it kicked me out and said my account was suspended. I called twice and the agents were rude. I verified all my information but for so e reason they said my phone number was wrong when I've only had two numbers since I've had this account. I asked to speak with...

RushCard / UniRush / service

Dec 14, 2018

I called n filled a dispute about transactions on my card..Ive never did this before n wasn't told that my card would b blocked n no longer useable.I was informed that a new card would be issued but the address on file was an old after a n in order to send a replacement I had to update...

RushCard / UniRush / treated like a like when I was a victim of fraud

Nov 26, 2018

I made a dispute on 11/7/2018. I live in Kansas City Missouri and made 4 purchases on my card locally. I went to use my card for a 5th time and it was declined. I called RUSHCARD MEMBER SERVICED at which time I saw other charges I was no ware of and disputed them. They were Google app...

RushCard / UniRush / refund on authorized transaction

Nov 23, 2018

did.not authorize a transaction and asked fir refund and not waiting for it, needs to be done by Monday. they said they have to investigate, unauthorized means I did not request this to be done its fraudulant and want it back now. bas bad customer service and will not be using this card...

RushCard / a credit card that closes on holidays???

Nov 22, 2018

So apparently this is the first year that I can't get my paycheck on time because it's Thanksgiving and the bank they use is closed. So I say to whoever she was " rushcard closes on holidays now?????" she didn't know how to answer that question. This company has become horrible over the...

RushCard / UniRush / debit card

Nov 13, 2018

I noticed in august of 2018 that Rush Card wasn't sending me any text alerts or billing statements so I called and inquired in August of 2018 as it appeared that my account status didn't look as if it was right. Upon doing so, i asked for monthly billing statements in which I use to...

RushCard / UniRush / rushcard

Nov 09, 2018

I have had a horrible experience myself with this organization. I have been a Rushcard member for over 10 years. My card expired on 10/31/18 unbeknownst to me. My new card was never received by me. I called the company to see what could be done being I had been a loyal member for so long...