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Rushcard prepaid card

My card expired on 02 20 and I have yet to receive my new card. My social security benefits are been deposited on there and my card is blocked, my account is blocked. I need help all my bills are due and I have yet to receive help. I've called every number. I've chatted with everyone and sent in all my documents. I've been waiting for a long time for my card. They said they had sent out a new 32 day before the expired date. But I have yet to receive it. I've tried customer service, unblock my account, unblock my rushcard. I can't to NOONE, the number on the back of the card is hanging up. U can't chat anymore with paying for it.

Prepaid Card

It is going on 2 weeks that i have been trying to get someone on the phone or respond to my many emails to get access to my payroll deposit made on 3/121/20. My card is blocked simply because i tried to replace my old worn out card. My account is locked and i am literally falling behind on bills. Someone please tell me what I should do next as I have over a thousand dollars i have no access to at which i literally pay rent with. My name is Jewel Hester card ending 0542

Security Fraud

I've been a member for sometime now however in the last six months I had fraud on my account twice. I'm not happy at all I'm going to be contacting the Better Business

I have been trying over a month to get my card replace

I have been try over a month to get my card replace I have sent my id over five times in black in white and in color they keep saying they cant see it but they can see the social security card number and my electricity bill just fine. I gave them all my information right but the phone number I done had a lot of numbers since I had that card. Once I get my card I will not be using rush again

reverse payment

I had a duplicate payment made on 12/30/19 to quicken loans which they rejected and reverse the payment RushCard keep saying they do t see a reverse payment and I still haven't received my funds . I just wanna received my refund money of $312 because it should have been funded back in my account by now. This company has the worse customer service and every time I explain my situation they wanna act all dumb.

reverse payment
reverse payment

customer service. debit card

On my agreement they said if I don't use my account after 60 days they would disable my account okay so I was not worried about social security having the number because I figured that the payment would be rejected however RushCard accepted the payment which is fine because my card is still not expired but they took my payment they said if I don't remember my phone number from 2 years ago I can't get a new car they said they mailed me to new cards to replace mine on expired card and I have not moved all of my information is the same I have the same address same social security number I even have the routing number and account number for the car but they refuse to mail me another one I don't understand if they email me one six months ago to this address when I didn't know my telephone number why won't they mail me one again I just don't understand I feel like that they took my money fraudulently knowing that my account was closed in order to charge me extra fees now they're refusing to mem another car so I have to pay more fees this is disability I'm on a limited income I don't think they should be able to get away with this my number is the same they could verify with Social Security social security has the same address if the government mails me stop at my address why won't they because of a telephone number from two years ago then I said I can't speak to a supervisor cuz I don't know my telephone number from 2 years ago they are complete fraud I hate this company that should not allowed to do business like this in MetaBank should definitely not back them

customer service

I changed my dress 3 weeks ago they sent it to the wrong address changed again to have it shipped press they still send it to the wrong address I change my address . They are constantly messing up. I don't understand what the confusion or what the problem is to keep sending my card to the old address. I did changed it January a 2019 to now but they have no recollection of that and then even when it change it each time i talked to them about the new address and they still can't get that right

money being taken

I just wanna know when rushcard became a credit card? It's pay as you go. So how you credit my account for money that wasn't there then tell me u can't see that far back in your system? How did you credit my Account for more then $400 and then tell me it was a error never sent me mail stating these issues. So when I added money on the card they took it talking about it was credited and I had to pay it back. How? This is a debit card.🤯🤯

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    Rushcard credited my account for money that was not there to take my money. Isn't rush card prepaid? How can you give someone money that's not in the account?

getting a new debit card issued.

I loved at my wallet with debit card in it called rush card servixes on four occations that day and kept getting disconected, because of long wait times up to 40 min., and error on there this made me a security risk .and now for the last six weeks of can not get my direct deposit money or anew card issued. I hav fax d them the same stuff over and over and more info on the han it takes to become a.s. citizen and still nothing a one excuae after another. I have faxed over 15 personal documents and everyday it's same story thisi is last thing . And never is. They are trying to keep my money s
and I will not take this lying down . Send me my damn card so I can get my money on it!!! Won't leg you speak with supervisors half the time.they will hang up on you if you keep persisting . I want action done now . !!

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    Have sent them
    * My i.d.with address on it and post marked (newly issued )
    * Social security card with address it . ( Newly issued this last two weeks)
    * Check stubs from current job
    * Hand written letter stating I wanted a new card

rush card/customer service

Oct 16 I called in about 2 unauthorized charges on my card. She Informed me she would have to close my card and send me another i explained i was going out town on the 25 and I asked would I receive it before then she said yes.
So the 23 came around and no card so I called back in and I spoke to a rep and I told him what the previous rep told me and he apologized over and over he said he would take care of it. He said I will send you another card expedited. I SAID NO! THAT COST 35DOLLARS and I am not paying that. He said no mrs. Thomas I will not charge you for sending it expedited, I asked him 5 times 5 different ways that I was not being charged, he said no ma'am I am not going to charge you. I told him dont send this card if you're going to charge me. He kept telling me he wasn't charging me. So I trusted what he said and I agreed. So later on the same day I went to check my account for the credits for unauthorized charges and there is the charge for expedited service
I called back in and asked for supervisor I got Ervin #2054870 I told him the problem, he told me that he was sending a request to corporate to listen to tapes. This was on the 23 when I spoke to this alleged supervisor. He said in 24-48 business hours I will get a call or text. I never received anything. This went on from 23-25 of this month and I NEVER RECEIVED MY CARD. I AM A BREAST CANCER PATIENT AND I CANT GET MY MEDICINE . OR PAY MY BILLS SO IF ANY OF MY UTILITIES OR PHONE IS OFF I WILL BE RETAINING A LAWYER AND CALLING ALL TV STATIONS. I WILL BUT ON ALL SOCIAL MEDIA OUTLETS. SO THIS NEEDS YOUR IMMEDIATE ATTENTION.

rushcard/ unauthorized money taken

Comcast took money off my rushcard without me even knowing for 219.29 Rushcard dispute department refuse to give me money back. Told me to fax a rebuttal letter to thier decision. After a rushcard representative told me I would get my money back I was on the call with them and my bank for 4 straight hours. This is RIDICULOUS. I NEED MY MONEY!! I WILL CALL CORPORATE

called about a transaction that was on my card

Tuesday 15about 11p or 12a call too see if they could tell me about transaction that was made by PayPal they told me I would have to call them too see what it was lady told me there was made in September and October I said ok so I will call them and see then if I didn't no what it was I would call back to make a dispute so Wednesday16 I went too the.the store 6p and rush card deactivate my card so I called ask why they said I was made dispute no I didn't just called too see if they could tell what I made too PayPal couldn't tell me there was nothing said that we need to deactivate your card got mad hang up so Thursday 17they told me they would take the deactivate off activate my card back so I could get my $50 that was on there and they told me call back so they could fill the dispute I said lady told me the first time I call that I would have to file with PayPal they said no we take care of that I said ok will call back when I get my $50 off we can do that dispute rush card employee told me they took deactivate off and reactivated card 9352 back on that was lie !!!😡call again Thursday night the lady told me the Samething that they would take the deactivate off the card 9352 reactivated it and I could go get my money that was other lie!!! So now I really mad at this point Friday 18 call PayPal and they are going to reissue my money back so I call rush card too see if they heard from PayPal they said no well I told them I called and I got it token care of and they need it too take the block off they said we got send u card I said now 2 other employee said they would take the block off and I could use it no we can't do that and u need pay $8 or something too send me other one I said I didn't ask you to deactivate i was just ask questions i called again too tell them I wanted them to transfer my money to different card they said we can't do that I don't believe I should have to pay nothing I want my money and not have too wait week for a card !!!🤬


What is the point or why does RushCard even have customer service?? Waiting on a replacement card so I needed to do a card to card transfer. well guess what, I couldn't log into my account to do the transfer because I need my new card information. I called customer service as this should be a function that they should be able to do being as though they can access accounts... WRONG!! So not only can I not access my account because I am awaiting my replacement card, but Customer Service can't help either?? I have no way to access my money until my new card arrives and Customer Service can't access my account... WTH are they there for???Then my other issue is why is RushCard heavily outsourced? These people have our account info, Socials, DOB, Address, Email, and Phone #'s, but can't help with, or access, or perform essential functions such as card to card transferring for a customer(s). So basically they are there to not answer the phones, and when you do get a rep. they barely speak english and can not provide assistance other than cancelling a card and mailing a new card. I get that it is a PrePaid card, but providing BASIC account services should not be an option.

access to money

On Friday october the 4th I called rushcard to file a dispute regarding a charge on my card. While talking to the rep she then says ok we have to turn the card of.. I then told her no don't do that I will just until Monday to do it as I was in a whole other state and would be stranded if I could not use my money. She then says its nothing she can do she had already done it. I then asked to speak to a manager and then she came on the phone and said the same thing I told her to just drop the dispute as I would rather take the loss of the charge than to be stranded over a 1000 miles away from home with my 10yrs old son. She then said it was nothing she could do. My whole heart just sunk as I knew my son at I would be stranded in TX and we live in Maryland. I told her just forget the claim I will deal with it later she said ok but if you do that you can no longer dispute this charge I said ok I would rather take an 80 dollar loss then to be stranded with my son on the other side of the country . she then said she would leave the account open. 5 min later she calls me and said she is still gonna shut the card off I told her I need to get some money so I can get my plane ticket home for me and my son She then said that she would keep the account open as long as I was on the phone with her so I could go to an ATM I walked the highway in a town I knew nothing about in the dark asking strangers where could I find an atm finally I found one and all of a sudden nobody was on the phone. I tried to get money and it said declined . I call customer service and they said they could not help me since she had shut the card off .. I stayed on the phone trying to get someone to help me they told me the best they could do was to send it to money gram but I would not be able to pick up the money for 6 business hours and I had to pay 85.00 dollars which ment I would not get money until Monday morning. I was scheduled to fly home on sat morning and my hotel was only paid until then. Which ment my son and I would have no where to stay and no food for almost 3 days. In the most of all this I was put on hold and forgotten about for over 30 min. Finally the supervisor got on the phone and said that's all he could do then persist to ask me well what do you want me to do fire the girl.. I got livid I told him I am not that heartless to have someone loose their job and I told him that it was unprofessional to even ask me that as I am going into a crisis situation right now with me and my child. At the end of it all my son and I have been basically staying in laundry mats and diners and Wal-Mart's because I can't get home and rushcard is not helping me at all. I had to pay 35 bucks to get my card sent to me which should be Monday or Tuesday then I will have a family member get my card the get us tickets home. I have never been homeless in my life but because rushcard can't help my son and I are still in Texas sleeping wherever we can. When I finally get home I am no longer going to use this card this is a horrible way to treat your customers... Sincerely Nykeda Saunders a soon to be ex rush card member

replacement card/ customer service

Called to have a replacement card sent out and was told had to answer 4 security questions, since I just...

sending my new card, telling me my documents for verification were unacceptable

09/19/2019 I contacted Rush Card to cancel my card because it was stolen, then i had to answer 4 security questions before they would send the card. They said I did not pass so I would need to send copy of my Driver's License, Social Security Card and bill with my current address,
09/20/2019 they sent me a text and I called they said the documents were unacceptable. I have had my card since 2017 and never had to deal with this, if I lost my card I pay the fee and they send a new card, . Not any more, . So today I told them I was not doing anything else because they are giving me a run around. I told them to keep the money as I cancelled my direct deposit while on the phone with them. Russel Simmons should be ashamed of the stipulations so that he can keep people's money, that is what it boils down to. I am done, This was so stressful, never endured this with them in 2 years. I am also contacting the Attorney General because now Rush Card is ripping people off.

customer service, back office and corporate office

I applied for a replacement card...i tried to answer questions about an old address from a zillion yrs ago and answered wrong. I was then told I would have to send proof of identification and I've done that almost 2 weeks ago. They are still saying 24-48 business hrs which has past 3 times over. I also have transmission confirmation it was Received.


I sent a card to card transfer to my son Noah Parker by mistake. He did not have a Rushcard at the time. He...

missing money off debt card

Missing money unable to get my money back because they don't know what happened to it customer service keep saying they are waiting on someone in there corporate office to fix it this is the second time this has happened my lights was disconnected after making a payment with my account. The company never received the money and again rush card dosen't no what happened to it.

my rushcard balance-[protected]

How, come I am not able to talk to anyone regarding my rushcard account. I, made two deposits on my rushcard August 3, 2019 #30.00, September 9, 2019 $50.00. My Balance in August when I checked it was $982.18. I, checked my balance yesterday it was $912.18. How, did my balance go from 932.18 to $912.18. My correct balance should be $982.18. I, wrote your company a letter. I had no issues with my rushcard until now. What's going on? SOmething, is not right at all. I am, requesting a refund as far as the balance on my card. How, do I go about getting that. This, is totally redicilous and not exceptable at all. What, kind of a company are you running here? I, am expecting an Immediate response regarding this matter. If, I donot receive some type of response Immediately. I, will take other steps to resolve this matter. It, is to your best interest that you respond Immediately regarding the above mentioned matter.