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D Aug 15, 2018 Review updated:

8/14/2018 i have been a customer for about 8 months never late had to switch bank accounts and now i have issues, decided to sign up for something they offered in my email and kept giving my an option i kept trying sign up but the system wouldnt allow me to choose my initial payment - so when i finally did it it was the day they report and they reported me 30 days late - knocked my credit score down 169 points . I am appalled that i asked to speak with someone in credit to fix this and they stated no - i explained what happen and that i had been trying for a week to do this and was not able to - not to mention tht i asked several times on several calls different ways to send a payment and after 3 months of phone calls on 8/15 - the billing dept - no tht i have a complaint says western union - but tht was said in my welcoming packet tht i looked at 8 months ago - im just very disappointed in discover . I asked for assistance in this matter and they stated one time - nothing they can do - but it was there error they could - it is there error

resultion - remove the 1 time late over 30 days - i have disputed this on all credit bureaus as well as cfb


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    d2688545 Sep 07, 2018

    There are other was rather than online to pay a bill, you are to be blamed for your late payment

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