Discover Bankcredit decrease


I have been a member with Discover since 2016 I have used my credit for personal use work - travel -daughters graduation College Party -each time my card had a high balance I use my quarterly commission to pay off the entire balance. This has been done more than 3 times since becoming a member. While preparing for my daughters wedding and using my card for payment for things needed I received a message from Discover stating my balance was decreased due to use and other credit card related charges. I have been a responsible adult paying all of my bills and never had an issue. With Discover treating me like a child in essence to reduce my credit limit is simply not acceptable. There are no reasons for this to occur. I was planning on paying off my balance in the next month, and now have decided to take my commission and not pay off my balance. I use a credit reporting agency site to monitor my credit and refuse to have Discover make my financial decision. I will never use this card again and will warn people about there practices.

Christine Clements

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