DirecTVtwo months and 4 customer service people, I am still being charged for nfl package.

T Aug 20, 2019 Review updated:

Last month my bill was over 200.00 so I looked and it said I was getting charged six installments for 50.00.
Each time I reached out to a customer service person they said it would be off my bill and I would get a credit.
Well two months later still on my bill, four long conversations, still on bill and no credit.

Really how hard is it to remove a channel and do what each one of them said was done.
Arjhon: You're most welcome Tiffany. It is my pleasure to help you today. I almost done removing the NFL Sunday Ticket for you. Thank you for waiting.
Arjhon: Mission accomplished Tiffany! I have successfully removed the NFL Sunday Ticket for you. Please have this confirmation code as your reference: Order 4927672180A, 7/10/2019.


  • I was also given a cancellation code 2 months ago but was charged 2 more monthly payments on a "subscription" I never ordered & did not even know was on our tv (we used autopay while assigned overseas). When you call to cancel hbo or special channels, you get a proration,, I was told on halloween that when my current month completed on nov 19, it would not renew or be charged again. Wrong. If you terminate a pay as you go subscription for other items like rent, cars or even sirius or onstar, you get prorated & not charged for the next months.
    Despite nfl sunday ticket policy, I believe when I notify them that I do not want to pay for the remaining 2 installments of $48.99, when they continue to send it to me, it is unsolicted & I am not obligated to pay. I believe there is a class action suit regarding this scam. I got credited for the latest $48.99 but am still out the charge last month & the 4 payments made by autopay when we were overseas. I challenge dtv to find my signature on their system when I was installed last october that I agreed to pay $294 if I didn't call in august to cancel it all. I read everything before I sign even on a notebook screen.
    I feel bad for the dtv folks that are having to enforce this likely unlawful "policy" & I just want to talk to nfl sunday ticket directly. I asked for the state recorded address to accept legal process to send a demand letter. Dtv does not have it. The complaint line is still just dtv folks. What a scam; unlike hbo or other free trials, nfl will not prorate for the period ending 20 days after you call or even 2 months after you call to cancel & non renew. We are retired & have had dtv since 1996. What a shame they let nfl sunday ticket abuse their good customers. I have the oct 31st local time, the names of the people I spoke with & my confirmation number but the scammers keep getting their ill-gotten money 2 months after I cancelled. The only way I can get out of paying for something I never ordered and cancelled 10/31 is to break my contract with dtv & get bad credit. I will research this issue but I think it is illegal in texas (very familiar with tac) & colorado where we now live. For anyone getting installed, be warned to cancel that "free" nfl sunday ticket well before their date & get off auto pay incase they keep billing. Nfl sunday ticket has ruined my good feeling about dtv (I ad to have dish at office to get local weather & hated it but I cannot let nfl sunday ticket rip me off & obviously thousands of others. I also blame dtv for not sending notices that we were about to incur $294 charges if we did not cancel before the upcoming date. Deceptive trade practice

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