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C Aug 12, 2018 Review updated:

I am a long-time subscriber to DirecTV, at least 14 years. I could not log into my account, and chatted with 3 reps, and talked with 3 others. I heard different stories from each. I formerly used an email address, but changed it months ago to an outlook address. The login kept changing to the old att address, which I am trying to shut down. I finally had to change my password with rep #6--very complicated, because they could not call me on my landline phone to verify my account (robocall was rejected). Then I had to set up 3 separate security Q/A AND get a 4 digit passcode for my account. How 20th century is that? I asked why they couldn't just send me a code using text on my cell phone. No, they can't do that. Too modern, I guess?
All this seems due to the consolidation with ATT. I do not ever want to bundle DirecTV with ATT.
The consolidation also changed my existing DirecTV account number to a different number. They did not inform the customer (me) about that change.
And even though I can log into my DirecTV account with my outlook address and the changed password, I can't access HBO Go on either of 2 Macs, trying both Safari and Chrome browsers. Accessing HBO Go was my initial login attempt hours ago.
I just upgraded my Apple TV and last week was able to get HBO Go set up on that device. I'm concerned that could now be blocked also--hesitant to try it.


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    9wood Aug 12, 2018

    direct tv was good until at&t bought it now there bad
    odd how nothing is ever there fault and they find any excuse to do nothing

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